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brilliant blogger: char hamilton

it's a fun new series on the blog, nicies! a fill-in-the-blank interview with some of our favourite super-bloggers from around the blogosphere that inspire each of us everyday with their writings! we all know that brilliant bloggers spend so much of their precious time crafting the perfect posts. so  i thought we'd give our fave wordsmiths a little break: i sent each nicey a page full of fill-in-the-blanks questions { my words in blue } ...  & they filled them in with their insights { their words in grey/gray! } . hope you'll enjoy fill-in-the-blanks with today's brilliant blogger: the inspiring handmaking-cheerleader, artist  & nicey char of we blog artists. 


I'm Char.

I am a Mum of 2 beautiful young girls & a wife to an awesome husband & an artist.

I blog about everyday projects here in Canada and my good friend in the Uk (Tam) shares this venture with me.We also blog about our family & what we love about Life over here: at WE Blog ARTISTS.

{You might be surprised to hear that I can speak a few languages...having been brought up with Scandinavian folks in the UK and then having lived in Mallorca (Spain) for 7 years, where Spanish,Italian and German helps you get by...and now I'm back in an English speaking Country...Canada. Languages as well as Art are a passion of mine...being able to communicate with many people from different parts of the World is VERY PRECIOUS to me.}

Beyond blogging, my  perfect Day would be : to wake up to 18 hours where I could paint and cook all day long, with my family and friends from all around the World, eating delicious tapas, talking all 5 languages, listening to a live band, and playing hide and seek with all the kiddies.
I'm in LOVE with my Husband + my girls.

Here's one of my favourite photos of myself. 

I love this photo because my Mum is in it...she is my critique...when I think of her,so far away in heart eyes well up and then I know and feel I am on the right path in my Life...she gave us SO much love,THANK you Mama!

I just finished another commission of a Family portrait and just started illustrating another Children's book. I'm in the middle of prepping everything for our Mamas and Chicks show I host with a friend.

I love making my girls giggle & making our house feel warm inside...when the girls are crafting,I am baking...and my husband is renovating (my studio to be).

Winter makes me appreciate Summer & amp; Spring makes me love ALL the seasons here in Canada.

A word I love to say is precious.

And I may have made up the word beautilicious!

I thrive off blogging!

The immense creativity and the endless inspiration I get from it makes blogging daily part of me!

I began blogging to push myself back into creating art and crafts daily and now I blog with pleasure, not always showing something i have made...but I enjoy being able to document our daily happenings.

It amazes about blogging that I have met some wonderful and very talented ladies who also blog and create daily!

My 3 tips to a great blog would be: be honest, great photos & don't forget to visit your readers in their Worlds.

Gosh! It's challenging blogging when you get brain freeze!
but fear not, I just get my Earl Grey Tea and OatCakes...and browse my voila...a post is born.

One of my favourite blog posts I've ever written is this one on my Mother.

I will always remember how the whole posting of it made me feel, she deserves the WORLD.

I REALLY ENJOY reading other blogs.

I love TRULA.KIDS blog because it's written by a Mum who has 2 kids...and is always crafting with them or for them.

and I  ADORE the SLEEPY TIME GAL blog because it too is run by a Mum of 4...who creates wonderful handmade goodnesses and posts some awesome recipes.

and of course Esti's PINTAMELDIA blog is one of my favourite places to visit daily because it's also another Spanish blog(written in english too) but it's also special because she is a self taught Artist and has such a calm about her...painting and photos.

This was extremely HARD to choose, as I have SO many favourites...but you can visit the others from the links of our Blog.

One thing I wish I had learned sooner in bloggyville is that Life goes on.

and don't worry: if one day you don't make the post you wanted to then no one will hold it against're your own Boss in Blogville.

My favourite part of blogging is reading the awesome comments and knowing that I have real friends out there who care to just say a little means a lot, THANK YOU.
However, I could do without the headaches Blogger sometimes gives me...although it has been pretty good recently...hope I haven't jinxed it now!

Something new happening on my blog these days is "Tuesdays Tastings"...each Tuesday if I am not interviewing an artist for our Tell ALL Tuesdays I try and post about a recipe which I have tweeked a little. Recently I wrote about Oatcakes as I think I have an intolerence for wheat. Check it out here.

You can find me here at our BLOG "We blog Artists" and you can browse my ETSY SHOP and you can become a FAN and get updates on my Facebook Page.

char hamilton

thanks so much, sandy, for your inspiring words, char. 
such wisdom & thoughtfulness here and always your beautiful, wonderful blog.
{we blog artists features amazing artists, fabulous ideas, has the best giveaways, and is filled with char & tam's beautiful heartfelt wit & wisdom!}
be sure to visit char around the web.. she's such an amazing superwoman! 
& please leave her a hello here, too!

happy blogging, nicies!
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  1. Nice to meet you, Char! :>
    Off to visit her blog. I love your sketches!!!
    Have a great weekend, RR.

  2. Thank you K for the awesome opportunity...and to Moira for the kind comments.

  3. Congrats Char! Super interview!!
    I've been following the WeBlogArtists blog for awhile-always a cheery and fun blog to stop by :)

  4. such a pleasure having you, nicey! always love your wonderful spirit & beautiful blog.

    thanks again

  5. I adore Char! I have been a follower of her blog for some time, and now you know why! Isn't she adorable!!?!!

  6. wonderful interview of Char!! she's one of my faves!

  7. Thank you ladies...all my true blog-buddies here...right on this page.
    HUGS to you all and thanks again for having me here RIKRAK!


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