Wednesday, January 19, 2011

climbing the walls

 the amazing illoiha gym climbing wall in japan. i first saw it in enroute magazine.

happy wednesday, cuties.

well we've passed the mid-way mark of january, and i was wondering how all of our new year's resolutions are going?

what resolutions?

i'd' say pretty good here. some fails. luckily more successes.

one aspect of my goal-setting was to add more *get-up-and-boogie* times to my work days. happily, that's going well.

what do you do for indoor-wintry-weather-moving- around excercise?

i'd love to hear.

{ and i'd love to build this amazing climbing wall in my pretend 5 storey ballroom too. }
but that might have to wait til next year. 
isn't that fun?
climbing the walls never looked so stylish!

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  1. I love to hula hoop! I turn up the music and hoop for 30 minutes. It's great exercise and it's fun!

    That climbing wall looks really cool too!

  2. The climbing wall is amazing!

    I love to crank up a funky record really loud and dance around with our twins. It's fun and great cardio.

  3. oooh! good ideas, nicies.

    la alicia - you're a star! 30 minutes and a hula hoop?! wow!

    me too, tessa! that's the funnest!

  4. climbing wall very interesting hehe

    wonderful post

  5. WHERE is this!!!!????
    We are building lots od SNOW forts at the moment...I'm sure you are too!!!

  6. Omgosh this looks like sooo much fun! I have to show my husband! Our kids need something like this! LOL If only!

  7. yay snowforts, weblog! yes- lots here too. :)

    they're at a fun gym in japan.

  8. LOL I don't know if I would wall climb in a dress ...but the wall is cool.

    The inside exercise I have been getting consists of chasing children.

  9. Oh my goodness what a fun image! Love it!

    And la alicia, I hula hoop too :-) Have you ever taken a class? It's a blast!

  10. agreed, itchin :) and *chasing children* is a wonderful form of crazy cardio indeed :)

    and that's so fun sarah - it must be fabulous with a whole group!

  11. This climbing wall is amazing! How cool! I do workout videos in the winter. I need to get a Wii!!! ~Val


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