Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nominate an artist!

the recycle clock :: All15Designs

i love how open january is as a month for discovering new things. and so... i ask you... who are some eco artists you LOVE?!

i'm looking for some fabulous eco-forward artists/handmakers to feature in my ongoing sustainable *reduce, reuse, recycle* series here on the blog: great green-ies. who are your favourites? have a handmaking eco artist you'd love to see showcased?

nominate them!
just leave me a link below to their shop or site, and tell us why you love their eco-forward genius!

can't wait to discover some new lovelies.

and... we have a winner... congrats to #189   Larissa of Reef Botanicals! such a gorgeous handcrafted soap shop! you've WON the rikrak studio *i love my sponsors* gift certificate giveaway for december! yay!

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  1. Here is mine recyled series bag !

    with recycled leather
    UP cycled LINEN and strap :)
    UP cycled lining too :)


  2. I nominate my dear friend Kendra! Her shop is the lovely Green Post: .

    Not only does she recycle the paper scraps and junk mail from me and several other people, but she turns them into the most well-made and beautiful tags, all of which are embedded with seeds, making the "green potential" of each tag that much greater. On top of that, she works hard so that all of her packaging is recycled or reused, right down to her handmade business cards. So amazing. Kendra is a true steward of the Earth and I admire her artistic and enduring tenacity to being green.

    - Marnie a.k.a. Crafterall

  3. I love dottieangel's shoppe (now on vacation). Her stuff is so pretty, delicate, vintage loving and functional.

    Happy New Year K!


  4. I love the work of Kinchi

  5. wonderful suggestions - love them all!
    thanks a bunch, nicies! keep them coming

  6. Great idea K!

    love Adele's shop modernemotive:

    I still love to use lists and to write things down by hand, great to have the option to use eco friendly paper with such brilliant designs!

  7. I nominate my dear sis Jo... her shop is:
    I love her stuff... she is a true recycler!

  8. I'd like to nominate Terre Mum over at etsy. Her stuff is beautiful and made with as much eco materials possible. She makes beautiful linen eco pouches. She uses a lot of unbleached natural linen and vintage fabrics. She also makes all of her packing envelopes out of layers of paper. Too cute and totally recyclable.

    Check her out.

  9. wonderful suggestions, nicies!
    keep them coming!

  10. check out lather creations upcycled furniture!
    She's doing a dresser for me!

  11. Just saw this, thanks so much! I'm going shopping...

  12. Nominations for green-ies have to include my friend Alicia! The paper purse she made me tickles me every time I peek inside it’s watermelon seed lining! She makes gorgeous, can’t keep your fingers off of them, accessories from reclaimed paper and recycled items. And Dallas Morning News featured her as The Green Life Artist, “Origami’s Other Side” a couple of weeks ago!

  13. I love erinsapparel! I bought this wonderful reconstructed shirt dress from her:

  14. I nominate Grayworks Design. Their beautifully made cutting boards and other handmade wood products begin with locally harvested and sustainable hardwoods and are finished with organic olive oil and other natural, organic oils. In addition, a portion of their sales is donated to Catskill Mountainkeeper.

  15. I'd like to nominate my very green friends at Gray Works Design ( for their efforts to use only locally harvested and sustainable hardwoods; to finish their wood products using only organic olive oil and other natural, organic oils; and they also donate a portion of their sales to Catskill Mountainkeeper.

    Plus their cutting boards and furniture are just too beautiful!

  16. these are fabulous. thanks sweeties. i've already contacted quite a few of your suggestions... can't wait to feature them!

  17. One of my new found favorites is a local artist here in New Orleans I recently started working with and carrying her jewelry in my shop. She does jewelry but also mixed media sculpture using materials salvaged from demolished homes - she has worked in the past with the Preservation Resource Center, which recycles salvaged architectural building supplies. She does these necklaces from skeleton keys and key holes and other bits and pieces. Her own home studio is also a brilliant use of salvaged materials. Her name is Brandi Couvillion:

    My friends Heather Macfarlane & Mark Kirk also do AMAZING work with recycled materials here in NOLA and have been doing so for years. They have work in museums and shops all over the world:


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!