Monday, January 24, 2011

handmaking with kids: DIY burlap tic tac toss game tutorial

once upon a time { this past december! } i was the lucky lucky winner of a fabulous handmade giveaway ... a beautiful set of wooden skittles by the design house *wee waldorf.* i've long been a fan of this fabulous handmaking for children shop & i have to say, seeing the work in person is even MORE amazing. it's beautifully crafted, with a gorgeous design and great attention to detail! i'd highly recommend this lovely shop & the fabulous wee waldorf blog (it's FILLED with fabulous tutorials and tips!)

and now...  designer luz has prepared a fabulous DIY children's tutorial for all of us ... and wouldn't it make a fabulous valentine's - day- is -coming- up project! yay!


Burlap Tic Tac Toss by Wee Waldorf 

~1 square burlap fabric (22"x 22")
~20 squares burlap fabric (6"x6" each)
~10 squares freezer paper (6"x6" each)
~8 lbs dried beans or other filler
~fabric paint
~paint brush
~masking tape

Step 1.
Fold your 22"x22" square into thirds and mark a long line creating 3 equal sections. Then rotate and do the same. You should now have 9 equal squares.
 Lay a long piece of masking tape about 1/2" away from the marker line on both sides giving you a 1" paint line.

Step 2.
Paint within the tape lines. Allow to dry and remove tape.

Step 3. 
Now grab your freezer paper and cut out five X's and five O's and iron stencils onto your  6"x6" burlap squares. 

Step 4.
Paint within the  X's and O's stencils. Let dry and remove stencils.

Step 5.
Pin right sides of burlap squares together (1 stenciled square and 1 plain square), stitch sides leaving a small hole to turn.

Step 6.
After turning right side out fill each bag with about 1 1/2 cups of beans.

Step 7. 
Tuck opening in and stitch closed. Continue all the way around the bean bag to create a finished edge.  

Step 8.
Now go play!

thanks so much, wee waldorf. 
for everything! :)

and.... be sure to visit the wee waldorf shop... it's delightfully swoonworthy with a flurry of beautiful, handmade children's and baby's items. 

{& don't forget to nominate YOUR favourite handmade items for children in event 2 of the *handmade olympics* right over here, nicies!

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  1. This is a great idea. We'll make it this weekend! Thank you!!


  2. such a great idea!!! I love it:)

  3. sooooooooooo cute!! thanks for sharing!

    allister bee blog

  4. This is absolutely wonderful and fun! Love it! :)

  5. yay - i love it too!
    thanks nicies! isn't wee waldorf a creative powerhouse!?


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