Thursday, August 26, 2010

oh the fotomat

i'm a nostalgic kinda gal.
{bet you guessed that, right?} 

now ... mr. rikrak & i are the same age, minus a few months.

and we were both raised in southern ontario, a few 100 kms apart. so we share a lotta fun growing up nostalgia, similar pop-culture loves, fun & funny memories of being a child in the 80s!

so imagine my surprise when i found out that mr. rikrak had no idea what my early 80's cultural reference to a *fotomat kiosk* was on this weekend's road-trip?!

good golly.
do you remember them?

you'd drive up to some fun strip-mall-parking-lot-mini-building-with-a-fun-slopey-roof and drop off your rolls of film (read: NOT memory cards!) and drive-back later to pick up your pictures!

it's a was a handmaking-photos-in-the-suburbs-likkity-splitly-dream!

ONE DAY photofinishing at it's best!



and i love how these abandoned ones have been repurposed into fabulous new kiosks!
like the world famous crochet museum! 


and this one revamped into a cute little coffee shop!

yay to repurposing!
miss you ...  fotomat!

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  1. OF COURSE I remember the Fotomat!

    We still have one here that's been changed into a little coffee drive-thru, too!

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

  2. oh that's fun, jackie!

    the one i remember was ramshackledly boarded up for a while after the fotomat heyday - then turned into a little mini-MINI-mart for a year or two!

    but now it's just a parking space! :(

    that's great yours is still in use. whereabouts are you?

  3. Such a great post :)))

    Thanks thanks thanks :))

    and cheers


  4. LOVE the photos! YES! I remember those!! I love your photos of ones that have been refurbished - so cute!!

  5. oh my goodness!!!! yes, I remember that! I distinctly remember the smell of the negatives coming out of the envelope, but oh the magic of it!

    In our town it was turned into a drive up video store of all things. OH MY.

  6. I love that yellow roof! And now it's a museum? so cute, what a genius girl!!


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