Monday, August 9, 2010

our summer photo album {blog hop!}

the family rikrak at the beach, 
summer 2009, photo by me.


happy monday, lovelies!

hope you all had a great summertime weekend.

as thoughts of back to school creep into our periphery vision here, and we begin to see leaves turning scarlet! (fear not - i won't give up summer quite YET!) i thought it the perfect time to share all of our favourite summertime images.

so here's what i'd love from you:

---> link to a post on your blog, or on flickr or twitpic your favourite image (or images) of summertime! of yourselves, your families, your friends.

and then we can all visit.

i'll start....
my favourite one of late is actually this image from last summer.
mr. rikrak & little rikrak playing in the waves at the beach.

i love the playful fun, the warm setting sun & the fond memories of that wonderful summer day happily alive in my mind!

now it's YOUR turn.

please add your link below and we'll all enjoy a fun summertime blog hop-o-images!
AND add a comment, too!

can't wait to see all of your summer photo albums!
it'll be a wonderful archive when the chilly winds blow this autumn!

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  1. oh charlotte! love yours! looks like such a fabulous memory -thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so much fun!!!!Thanks K!!!
    I ADORE your photo!

    Mine are when we were over in the Uk visiting whilst Mum was recovering from her OP.

    Being over there for our girls is just so much fun for them...being around the Horses,playing outside all day...making Fairy Gardens and those beautiful Summer evenings...

    Can't wait to browse through others.

  3. That really is a beautiful photo! This was such a happy exercise for me, as the weather here has been miserable the past couple of weeks ):

  4. oh char - love your collection of images from your wonderful trip!

    thanks so much for sharing them: you can just see the summertime delight in each!

    and yay maimy - thanks! photos are such a great go-to when the weather has other plans, aren't they!

    yay nicies!

  5. How fun! I added a link to my favorite day in the garden here at our rental. I'm going to miss this garden when we move to the center of Copenhagen in three weeks!

  6. This is fun! I hope there are many more sunny days to take lots more of these cute pics!

  7. i'm just *swooning* + *swooning* + *swooning* over here with those photos, traveling mama. WOW!

    & nightowl - that smile is amazing!

    great great summer folks, sweeties!

  8. this photo is crazy fantastic! i love yer link idea and will hunt down a favorite. there were a great many from this summer. ;)

  9. Love this idea! Nothing better a mama loves than bragging on her family :)

  10. That's such a great picture! Okay I'm linking mine now.rhe

  11. Hey Kristal,
    I just blogged about a quick summertime visit to one of Washington, DC's great museums! Come visit.
    The Empty Nest

  12. awww what a fantastic idea! I love your photo! Summer is the best....nothing like family time!

  13. faith, nat, janet & anna = love love love your beautiful photos!

    ah summertime family photos are the best, aren't they?

    thanks for being part of the fun!

  14. Lovely idea, everyones photos are lovely!
    I added my favorite photo of my favorite place to visit in the summer...keeping one eye out in case they ever decide to re-shoot Pride and Prejudice again (its where the infamous Darcy coming out of the lake sceen was filmed)

  15. oh miss freckles - that photo makes me SWOON.

    i imagine mr. darcy there with ya! :)

  16. K- Your photo is just great!! Thanks for the idea and the jumpstart to do some of this! I didn't realize we'd done so much already this summer.

    Take care!


  17. That's a lovely happy photo, Kristal!! They're having so much fun! :)

    My picture was taken when we (hubby, my son, and I) went on a Hawaiian cruise with my in-laws, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. Yes.. lots of people, lots of fun! My bro and I managed to convince his girlfriend, my Dad and my hubby (they don't know how to swim) to go snorkelling with us! Boy did we all have a lot of fun! Especially when we came across the sea turtles!!!

  18. oh denny! what amazing animals you have as neighbours!

    and marlene - your photo is breathtaking! what an experience!
    such an amazing keepsake of such a special trip!

    thanks all!

  19. Really nice idea :)

    Today I add some of photos from i phone :)

    We had nice vacation with my sons and same time i worked :)

  20. just gorgeous, feyza!
    thanks for sharing!

  21. Sooooo much fun! Great, no, fabulous idea! Love your photo, going to peek at the others now and hopefully add one from our recent family vacation!

  22. This is a great idea! My photo is of a friend last summer in my garden. I was laying down in the grass taking the I'm going to look at everyone else's!

  23. oh i hope you will, julie!

    oh mr.yen! yours is such a great blissful summertime shot! thanks for playing.

  24. Oh, what a great idea for a blog hop! I LOVE your photo and can't wait to go check out all the others!

  25. So sad to see summer go. what a great idea to remember all of the fun times that were had!

  26. molly - such a sublime photo! love that project!

    so gorgeous, candied! that's gorgeous! love the whole group of pics!

    thanks danielle - sorry - i couldn't open your link!


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