Thursday, August 12, 2010

shakespeare in the park

oh summer!
how you thrill me with your chances to do things otherwise impossible here in our sometimes chilly nation: .... like *shakespeare in the park* on a warm summer's eve!

ever been to see theatre outside? 
in a park? 
by the sea? wow!

oh open-air-theatre!
oh bard in the rough!
i love it!

we took little rikrak to see twelfth night by the lakeside park here in our lovely new town last week.
laughing under the stars.
lapping waves in the background.

gosh darn delightful. 

fabulous outdoor theatre images via: 

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  1. Oh, that looks SO awesome! We were just checking out Much Ado (the movie) last night! This would have been cooler! LOL!

  2. We've been to see Romeo and Juliet this summer at High Park in Toronto. Our friends took us as an anniversary gift. Sweet!!

    I agree!!! There is nothing funner on a hot summer night.

  3. This reminds me of the time I was playing Scattergories, and we rolled an S. One of the categories was "things you find in a park" and I wrote Shakespeare...

    I haven't been to see a performance in high park, but I did see an outdoor festival at a garden in LA (Huntington Library) - which was great because you walked all over the gardens and everywhere there were short scenes from lots of plays.

    I have also seen Bard on the Beach in Vancouver (at Vanier Park) where they have an open back to the stage in the tent so you can see through to the park.

  4. hope you'll love it, jingle!

    fun, lori! we were just in high park last week - so lovely! and happy anniversary!

    karyn - bard on the beach sounds DREAMY!!!!! love it!

  5. how fun was that?! too bad you would melt here in az!

  6. At the Renaissance Fest in Sterling NY... there are many many outdoor stages. You just hop from one to the next to see the little mini skits & plays. WONDERFUL TIMES!!

  7. I have done Opera in the Park. This looks so fun! I love the stage and chairs everyone is sitting in.

  8. I've always loved attending
    Shakespeare in the Park in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, I was looking forward to taking my little one but she seems to have a fear of costumed performers - twice this past week we had to leave performances - so maybe next year

    Meanwhile she can't get enough of live music and dancing!

  9. so true, julie! :) thanks for the non-melting tip!

    hope you're having a funfun summer robin!

    that festival sounds so fun, nightowl!

    oh margo: how sweet! hopefully next year she'll be a little more keen! thinking of you all and hoping your summer is going great, nicey!


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