Wednesday, August 4, 2010

aurora borealis

on bear lake by Senior Airman Joshua Strang


have you ever seen the magic of the aurora borealis?

sadly, i have not.
not yet.

the dancing delight known as the northern lights was rumoured to make a rare appearance in our southern ontario skies last night. 

while we didn't see it ourselves, (so glad others nearby did!)  it sure was fun night skywatching.

oh summertime.. your skies are so amazing!

tell me, 
if you've been so lucky as to have glimpsed it for yourself! 


all images below courtesy of crazy frankenstein.

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  1. YES!!!! Believe or not...I actually witnessed this wonder of the heavens from my back deck in VIRGINIA!! Back in 2003 I happened to be standing on my back deck just looking at the stars and all of a sudden I saw bands of colors moving in waves. I thought I was seeing things. After rubbing my eyes, I still was seeing them and quickly called everyone I knew to tell them to go outside and look up. I will most likely never see something like that again. It was fabulous!!!!

    Janet xox

  2. I wish! I have wanted to for some time! My Husband is from Wisconsin and he tells me stories. Someday though, it shall happen! Just beautiful photos!

  3. Supposedly we are supposed to see this tonight here in Seattle.

  4. SO beautiful! Unfortunately I've never seen them either. Hopefully someday I'll see them on a visit...because I doubt I'll see them here in Tennessee :)

  5. JANET!!!! that's such an amazing tale. wow! i bet it is such a fond memory for you, nicey!

    yes, red & kristi - we WILL one day!

    teedle: fingers crossed for you tonight! let us know what happens!

  6. I've been lucky enough to see it 3 times each time its happened has just been awesome!
    The first time was on the way back from having tea at the sea side, my mum screamed 'stop the car!' We all jumped out gasped, lay on the bonnet and watched until it vanished. It was bright shimmering fingers of blue and green. Beautiful.

  7. so gorgeous! i have been lucky enough to see them a few times, though nothing so bright and gorgeous with all those colours!
    stunning nonetheless, i have seen gorgeous green waves dancing in the sky. it is certainly a sight to behold :)

  8. While I have never been lucky enough to see them, I was lucky enough to find you through Canadian Moms today!

    You have a gorgeous blog; I'll be back!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  9. Oh, yes! One of the benefits of living in "the great white north"! They never loose their appeal no matter how many times you have seen them, and if you have "heard" them, you are extra lucky! My best memories are of camping, and looking up to the heavens while watching for shooting stars, and next to that, in the winter months when they seem extraordinarily active.

  10. I have had the great honor of seeing this magical wonder in Idaho! It was really just a glimmer of ever-so-faint green shimmer off on the horizon. I'm told this visibilty is a rarity in my part of the world, and the awesome company of a very dear friend made it all the more magical!

  11. Oh this is a dream of mine, kristalk - samesame with you and I! Love this! xo

  12. amazingly beautiful - I wish I could see it for myself as well. As far as I know it is not that uncommon in Norther Europe, so one day I might show up there to see this phenomena.


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