Monday, August 16, 2010

photo essay: pioneer day


welcome to a fresh new week, nicies!
a great day to try something new, start again, reflect and move forwar!

hope you had a delightful weekend.
ours was happily full visiting a dear friend, 
feasting on yummy local farm produce, and loving pioneer day on a day-trip to a nearby museum village

isn't handmaking from another era so inspiring!

oh natural light.
oh hands-on learning.
oh handmade crewel embroidery
i LOVE you!

{all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak, 2010}

have a favourite traditional handicraft?
i'd love to hear!

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  1. These are gorgeous photos, RR!

    Glad to hear your family is enjoying your new home so much.

    We took in Greekfest here in Ottawa. DELICIOUS!!!! Wish you were here.

  2. thanks niceykins!

    it was wonderful.

    yum to greekfest! sad we missed it.
    come visit soon :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! Those shoes in the last bunch make me think of the movie Pollyanna!

  4. My old time handi craft is Tatting! I taught myself several years ago from books and trial and error. It certainly isn't done very much anymore, but it is very pretty!

  5. thanks nicies!

    oh marci - i adore tatting + would love to learn it one day! bravo you!

  6. Beautiful photographs!!

    My favorite would be Quilting. But you knew that, right?! :?

    Per chance you'd like to photograph MY family outings??????

  7. I realize it's redundant at this point, but holy smokes! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Wowzers, you multi-talented thing you.

  8. oh wow! thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day at the museum village! your pics are just fantastic! i love the butter churn! i used to make my own butter (not enough time anymore!) and really wanted one of those! did you get to make butter or was that for show?

    Sara =)

  9. J u s t P er f e c t !!!

    Gorgeous photos!

    omg !!!!!


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