Monday, August 30, 2010

photo essay: gosh darn crazy things.

all photos by mr. rikrak
hokey dinah. 
i was witness to one of the craziest things i've EVER seen this weekend.

saturday, we *fall fair-ed* it at a nearby county fair with friends and partook of the wild ritual known as, that's right, the demolition derby!

crashup, smashup, motor-roarin' fun at it's best. 
now i've seen derby's on movies and tv (think happy days reruns & herby the love bug films) but to see this crazy CRAZY event live? good heavens!

it was 2 solid hours of holding-my-breath, eeks-n-shreiks,  full-bellied-laughs fun! safe to say our whole party loved it!

ah, gosh darn crazy things.
maybe i'll quit my day job to become a demolition derby queen!
oh-so-exhilariting, but sadly, maybe not-so-safe.

who's with me?
ever been?
what's the craziest *sorta-sporting* event you've seen?
{and i thought wwf entertainment wrestling was crazy in the 80s!}

all photos by mr. rikrak

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  1. Great photos! I agree with you - Derbys ARE crazy. We went with my MIL to her County Fair a few years ago. I loved it, too. But I wanted to RAM every car in the parking lot when we left! LOL!

  2. extremely sad to admit i've attented a Monster Truck rally :( lol w/an ex so it will never happen again! (nothing against you if you like Monster tRucks, i just hate them now for some reason)

  3. Aw, yes! This brings back great memories of going to the Watsonville Speedway in Central California. If you think the Demolition Derby is crazy, check out the Figure 8 Races! Terrifying, insane, and thrilling!

  4. i know, cass! :) crazy, huh?

    and don't worry, who.knows. ... not monster rallied, yet :)

    those figure 8's look NUTSO soapy! i'll stick with the demo-derby! and cheer YOU on with the figure 8s! :)

  5. That is just nuts! I've never been, but apparently my dad used to do that {long before my time!}. I totally don't get it.

  6. oh my goodness! i went to my first demolition derby a few years ago and it was sooo crazy!! i was holding my breath every second and scared for their lives, haha!! it really was exhilarating!

  7. wow, i have never been to a derby..i bet it was fun in a awkward way.. i haven't seen any crazy sports!! YET!
    great pics! thanks for sharing!

    have a great monday

  8. They were always my favorite part of the county fairs! Sadly I havent seen a derby in years! Thank you for the smile!

  9. I've been to a demo derby! I thought it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the smell of gasoline gave me a headache. I haven't been back to one since. :(
    Great photos by the way!

  10. i was exactly the same, sandy! :)

    and YES taylor!

    fun RED!

    yes. nuts, rj. nuts!

    the gassy smell was fairly tame at ours - sorry about that, danielle! and thanks so much for your kind words!


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