Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my favourite things: cute tofu

when two of my favourite things happily meet it's pure bliss!

take my love of all things cute (are you with me?) 
add one of my favourite staple foods: tofu
and you've got the gosh-darn-cutest tofu around, the kawaii sensation: hannari tofu.

a few years ago when mr. rikrak & i lived in south korea my deep deep adoration of  things *cute* & delicious tofu was solidified. 

the CUTE: animated everything was pretty much everywhere! it was as though the inanimate-objects-personified-world which i had always day-dreamed of in my head had finally come alive! CUTE was dancing all around me! of COURSE all food had a cute face on it and of COURSE trees made winking eyes at me and clouds made sleepy faces! it was so refreshing to find such a cute-loving community! )

and then there's the TOFU love.
we're addicted to tofu here at the rikrak home.
tofu any-which-way.

so in case you're new to the Japanese tofu mascot hannari tofu, (a series of adorable & cuddly tofu characters with different cutiepie faces) now is the time to embrace your inner cute tofu self and squeeze a plushie.

have any favourite plushie characters? 
love tofu? 


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  1. it is cute, but kind of funny too. i guess i eat tofu because i don't like to eat animals.. so putting a face on it is sorta weird!
    i had never heard of this before!

  2. I would love to visit Japan...
    These are adorable...and I do love Tofu, but haven't cooked with it for a while...any recipe tips?

  3. I have a I <3 TOFU shirt. It's adorable =)

  4. :) yay!

    char: i love tofu in a korean recipe called dak galbi - but with tofu instead of the chicken.

    and we firmer tofu in a dish baked in the oven called tofu steaks where we *coat& marinated tofu in soy sauce and then nutritional yeast = super YUM! nice crispy, healthy outside!

    have fun!

    our shirt must be adorable, teedle.

  5. I love those tofu so much! I actually have a set of 6 and a mini plushie tofu mobile stand. they are just so adorable <33


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