Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hire a cheerleader!


update ---> book your package before april 1st, and i'll give you a free month of advertising on my blog! woohoo!


rah! rah!
shish boom bah!

need a personal cheerleader?
well i'm yours!

after kind encouragements from some dear readers & friends, i'm excited to announce a funfun new rikrak project: i'm now available for hire as your personal cheerleader, to help you and your little indie business grow grow grow!


here's how it works:

1. the rikrak * hire a cheerleader project * is handmade & customized just for YOU!
it allows you & me to work together, just the two of us (yay!) to discuss, analyze, brainstorm, problem-solve, improve and grow your business shop, site, blog and more!

2. the best part is: ... it's a choose your own adventure package... so you choose the elements you'd like us to work together on, what you'd like us to focus on!

3. think personal business consultant + marketer + photo editor + graphic designer + constructive cheerleader, etc, etc, etc PLUS friendly, fun, relaxed personalized consultations ... all rolled into one! THINK of the personalized joy of meeting a friend for tea, instead of deliberating across a giant corporate boardroom or buying a cookie-cutter promo-package, as a great way to build your business.


so if you'd like to:

* fine-tune / grow / launch / strengthen / energize / broaden your indie business
(whether you're a small, medium-sized or large handmade or vintage shop!)

* enjoy relaxed, friendly web-cast conversations & email discussions where we'll talk about your personal questions, hopes, ideas for your business, and garner my professional feedback & ideas for your shop, site or business.

* enhance the look of your shop/ web presence.

* discover ways to increase web traffic to your site(s).

* discuss + implement lots & lots of budget-savvy business suggestions, hear lots of tips, and privately discuss goals for your business and how to achieve them.

* discover inspiring projects customized to fit your needs, wants, hopes & dreams for your indie business.

* invest in a promotional package that will fit your crafty budget!

... then i'm looking forward to hearing from you!


in YOUR *hire a cheerleader* personal package,
you can choose from delights such as:

* private web-conferencing sessions
* product photo improvement packages
(working with your photos, i will edit and improve them to freshen up your shop!)
* a how to take fabulous product photos 101 hands-on session!
* private q & a's about anything indie business-related that i can help you out with!
* a one-with-one shop makeover/ improvement package.
* feedback to help build your web presence thru your blog, social networking, meaningful promotions, etc, using ideas that have really worked for me!
* lots of tips, tricks, fun ideas that i've learned over the years to help with running your indie business.
* step-by-step marketing plans to improve your online presence.
* graphic design products for your business tailor-made for you!
* helpful hands-on info on wholesaling your creations, brand or re-brand your image, packaging your products, creating interest in your shop and more!
* fun at-home projects to help you focus your wonderful talents, and utilize your OWN fabulouslessness, to best project the brand, products and ideas you'd like to share with the world!
...and that's, as they say, not all!

i love cheering folks on.
and i love sharing what i've learned with folks.

i'm so lucky. i've:
a) built my own businesses from scratch & was able to quit my day job to handmake FULLTIME,
b) been lucky enough to be featured in 1000s of articles, blogs, etc.
c) built my clientele to include in over 90 shops, galleries and boutiques around the world
d) worked as a professional handmaker, graphic designer, photographer, blogger, educator and more...
e) and perhaps best of all... i'm someone who understands the joys and challenges of running a little business and the need to have someone new take a look at, suggest and work with you to build /improve/ jumpstart / re-ignite your business.

interested folks can email me at:
for more details, available timelines and rates!
handmade.. just for you!

cheers to you, nicies!
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  1. wow, you are sooo sweet for doing this! you have soo much enthusiasm for it that it is just contagious!! will keep you in mind if i ever decide to start my own shop! =)

  2. what a clever idea Kristal!

  3. Another great idea, Rikrak. Makes me want to start a business just to have your expertise!

  4. I'm feeling cheerleaded just reading, its an amazing idea!

  5. thanks so much for your lovely cheers, nicies!

    i really really appreciate it!

  6. Terific idea Kristal! YAY YOU! :)

  7. Thanks for already been the best cheer-leader around.

    You're the best! =>

  8. Wow - what a great idea!

  9. how in the world do you find the time, lovely lady???

  10. what a wonderful idea! I know you will make an amazing cheerleader! I will keep this in mind.

  11. what a wonderful idea..i am sure it will take off!!

  12. Brilliant honey! You really are a marketing guru! If I decide to expand you'll be hearing from me.


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