Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my favourite things: the drive-in theatre

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drive in photos
starlight drive-in photo by purplenegatives
drive-in theater photo by fotoworks
california drive-ins by megmulloy
cottage view drive-in photo by FriendlyMade


ooooh! i just adore the drive-in theatre!
there's just something so wonderfully nostalgic and fun and summerly festive about the outdoor movie-watching experience that is the drive-in!

while there aren't too many around eastern ontario these days { sadly! },
the ones that are left are gems. pure cinematic gems!

love the drive-in?
tell me why!
what was the first movie you ever saw @ a drive in?
(mine was one i was supposed to be sleeping thru, while in the hatch of my older sister's stationwagon, circa 1985... the ever-fabulous the breakfast club!)
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  1. The drive-in is definetly one of my favorite summer things! We bring the dog, eat lots of snacks, and try our hardest to watch both movies. Always a good time!

  2. watching movies in your car in your jammies is the best! i loved it as a kid (I think I remember seeing Car Wash as a young young kid) and then later seeing Pretty Woman 100 times at the Britannia Drive-In (remember that one!!)one summer as it was our ONLY entertainment as teenagers!


  3. Oh I agree! I just love the drive-in. The great snacks and the summer sounds and the date-like-fun! Thanks for the memories, RR!

  4. i loveee the drive-in! i love how cozy and intimate it is, the fresh air, and just the overall simplicity of it!

  5. oooh! so glad you all love 'em, too! :)

  6. I don't remember the movie I saw, but I know it was a double header because I was little and super excited that I got to stay up late!

    Love the drive-in!

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