Tuesday, August 25, 2009

9 days & counting

Picnik collage

felt corn on the cob by gobuggy
corn on the cob tote by Meatbagz
dollhouse miniature sweet corn by BebeToby


i don't know about you, but here @ the rikrak home we're obsessive.
oh heavens... about so very many things, really!
like with our food... sometimes we just get on a kick.
and then we eat the same food, everyday, at least once a day, for a week!or more!
that's where we're at right now with corn on the cob.

there's delightfully corn-a-plenty from every farmer's vegetable stand on every corner these days here in southern ontario...
and now we've had corn on the cob everyday for 9 straight days.

anyone else crazy like us?
soon enough, fabulous fresh corn-on-the cob will be a distant memory.
so i'll obsess while i can.

food obsessive like me?
about what?
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  1. we've done that too! last year i bought strawberries at the market and ate them everyday until they were gone. i think i bought 10 pints?!?! but your story also reminds me of growing up: mom would make a big pot of something and we would have to eat it for dayssssss

  2. haha! If you want to eat corn on the cob all the time, try living where i grew up, close to Taber, AB!!
    Anyhoo, We end up eating a lot of whatever we have a lot of in our garden, which lately has been zucchini. my new fave way to eat it is to slice it thinly like a lasagne noodle and dress it with olive oil, fresh dill, lemon and yogurt!!! mmmmM!

  3. Yep!! We are the same way at our household!
    The past two weeks it has been burgers on the grill with pepperjack cheese melted on them.
    I don't know though, after seeing this post, I think its time to bust out the corn on the cob!

  4. Hee hee, we're on the same page — I just posted about corn on the cob recently too. I just had the best corn I've ever had in my life last weekend — it was so sweet, it felt like dessert.

    The obsessive, same-food-for-days is familiar. Kicks I've had in the last couple of months: soppressata salami, mini wheats, potato salad, tomatoes with bocconcini and balsamic, popcorn (made with a popper, not microwaved!), smoothies... Ok, now I'm hungry :P

  5. OF COURSE! We always eat in obsessive ways. Last month it was cherries cherries cherries. Right now it's texmex!

  6. Ph yeah - I love freash corn on the cob! Our house hasn't been quite so obsessive, but it's definitely been twice a week for a few weeks now! And off to the market for more tomorrow!


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