Friday, August 14, 2009

patterns & shapes: @ the beach

mr. rikrak & little rikrak
playing in the waves @ the beach,
august 2009. photo my me.


oh gosh!
what a great day it was.
the sun
the sand
& a family rikrak day @ the beach.
little rikrak soaring in the watery blue sky.
all of us building magnificent castles.
mr. rikrak & i playing & splashing & frolicking in the waves.
sandy picnics and the warm glow
of a beautiful beautiful day with the family,


in honour, patterns & shapes @ the beach.
be sure to visit the other patterns & shapes vignettes here.
& have a glorious relaxing summer weekend, lovelies.


ocean of colours photo by alles-schlumpf

shells photo by steeljam

changing pattern photo by mortimer?'s photostream

patterns in the sand photo by henriette_von_ratzeberg

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  1. Great photo, Rikrak!
    I'd be so nervous with my little one flying up there. But that's the fun of summer, isn't it! Glad you had such a nice day.

  2. what an AMAZING picture of your 2 boys. love it! thanks for sharing :)

  3. You are an AMAZING photographer! Love that photo. So nice to see the Rikraks in actuion.

  4. Really lovely photo, I love playing in the sea.

  5. Gorgeous beach themed photos.

    What a perfect photo of the two men in your life.

  6. You caught a wonderful moment, rr... how gorgeous and touching! Makes me wanna go to the nearest beach ASAP. Glad you guys are getting some well-deserved R&R and family QT :)

    And as usual, lovely picks to go with your theme.


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