Tuesday, August 11, 2009

great summer reads

glorious rainbow-ordered bookshelves on Katey Nicosia's photostream!

the family rikrak having been spending lots of time @ libraries this summer.

mr. rikrak does great research.

i've been running my little shop from the local library where we've been visiting.

& little rikrak delights at the funfun collections in the great children's sections of every library we come across. we've been surrounded by great reads all summer! so wonderful!

so i'd love to hear... what have you been reading this summer?
what would you recommend to others as a a great summer read?
we'd all love to hear!
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  1. I'm rereading Angela's Ashes right now and love it again!

  2. I just finished My Sister's Keeper - oooooh, that was a good one! I've also read a few by Nicholas Sparks - not my usual reading material, but very good nonetheless.

  3. oh- i just love how those books are ordered on the bookshelf!!!
    I read a great book while on holidays at the ocean in b.c.
    It is called "Home: Tales of a Heritage Farm" by Anny Scoones. A quick synopsis: "Glamorgan Farm in North Saanich, B.C. is one of the oldest farms on Vancouver Island. Owner Anny Scoones rescued the original farm buildings from near-destruction and has carefully restored them. The barns now house rare breeds of livestock, while the gardens and orchards flourish with heirloom plants and vegetables"

    A lovely, lovely book!

  4. I'm working my way through the John Grisham books that I missed during my 10+ years of not reading fiction books. I can't believe I relegated myself to only nonfiction for so long! Though I love NF dearly too!

  5. My summer reading has all been a bit disappointing. Tithe by Holly Black, Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor, The Hourglass Door by Lisa Magnum... I didn't like any of them much! :( But right now I'm (re)reading Jane Eyre... so I'm in love. :)

  6. it's not a new book or anything, but i've been reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. it's a great eye opener on food production in america. i also read "Broken Open" by Elisabeth Lesser

  7. I have been working my way through some classics this summer - so far I have read Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, and Frankenstein.

  8. I recently read The Soloist--after seeing the moving I wanted the story fleshed out more. A good read, and even better if you are familiar with mental health issues.

    I would also recommend My Guantanamo Diary although the stories are disturbing.

  9. Thanks to Robert Downey Jr. I've picked up three volumes of Sherlock Holmes stories... so far they're very really enjoyable!

  10. these are great, nicies! thanks so much for sharing!


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