Friday, August 7, 2009

great green-ies: with CandyCalamity

greening.... i find it exciting and hopeful that while there sure are lots of terrible things going on to pollute & harm our planet, there are so many wonderful folks doing fabulous things to help make the world a greener, healthier place! so, the rikrak studio is happy to feature great green-ies : snapshots of amazing, inspiring. eco-forward-thinking folks & groups from all sorts of fields and paths in the greening movement. some inspire by greening at home, or in their business; in their art or the larger world, or on many levels at once! i've asked each green-ie to suggest an easy eco-idea or tip we might all be able to add to our daily lives. today i'm honoured to present the next in this series!


candy is just delightful, isn't it?
something even more delightful? creating gorgeous jewelry & accessories from the beautiful, bright and fun, but usually discarded, wrappers!

a jaunt thru Candy Calamity's beautiful & brilliant handmade Shop, is as delightful as a trip to the candy shop - but without the calories or cavaties,! and WITH the fabulous joy of gorgeous works of wearable art that are eco-forward, fashionably fun and let's be honest... the most fun & festively eco-thoughtful accessories around! candy-wrapper rings, bracelets, purses and more! yum yum!

so visit CandyCalamity's sweet sweet shop. you'll just love it!
and here's an eco-tip from Emily of CandyCalamity we can all put to use:

"Beware the phantom load.
ipod, laptop and other electronic device chargers
constantly suck up energy even if they are not charging anything,
so only plug them in when you are using them.


thanks so much, CandyCalamity!
yay to summer treats and sweets and finding a re-use for everything!
have a great, eco-forward weekend, lovelies!

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  1. That's one sweet shop! Love the Starburst Coin Purse and brooches! Fabulous idea!!

  2. I've always loved CandyCalamity's shop name ... isn't it perfect?

    Now I'm the proud owner of a few of her Colorful Creations, too.


  3. reminds me of when i was a kid - i made miles of gum wrapper chains from wrappers my aunts gave me - back when they were quitting a ciagerette habit in the 70s =D

  4. gosh I was sleeping at the wheel - I just noticed this.

    Thanks for the great blog post RikRak!!

    - Emily


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