Wednesday, August 19, 2009

roadside attractions: queen anne's lace

My creation


row one
love struck fine art print by urbandesign
summer kiss by cathywalters
queen anne's lace towel by lottahelleberg

row two
last year's lace by buckscountyframes
queen anne's lace by BunkFossStudio
8 x8 queen anne's lace by naturespixel

row three
queen anne's lace 5 x 5 by WoodsEdge
queen anne's lace print by splendidpix
queen anne's lace michael miller fabric via SewingSupplies

row four
long grass series by JoannasPhotography
hand embroidered wrist cuff by Waterrose

row five
queen anne's lace necklace by artisticcreations
large clutch by KimberlyJonesDesigns
simplexity by irenesuchocki


slow & lovely walks thru summertime fields
& warm, windy drives along many a country road this summer
have been filled with the glorious roadside attraction
of the beautiful beautiful queen anne's lace
here there & everywhere

oh how i love you, queen anne's lace.
so airy and delightful and full of summertime lore.

fields & fields of you growing wild and wonderful.
here's to you, lovely!
tell us: what do you love seeing on your walks & rides & drives?
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  1. Love this feature, k! I've always been a big fan of queen anne's lace. Did you know that it actually is Wild Carrot? Doesn't really grow around here - so I miss it. Love seeing these pics and other beautiful work inspired by this flower...

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    How about chicory? It's another scrappy roadside plant and oh, that blue flower!

    When I was a kid I used to pick queen anne's lace and put it in colored water ... the white flowers would eventually acquire a slight tinge.

    Summer walks and drives? Show me any plants but the dreaded POISON IVY. It seems to be everywhere I look.

  3. Beautiful finds, RikRak!
    I also love seeing the wildflowers in the ditches.
    My favorites are the cornflowers.

  4. Thanks so much for choosing my Love Struck photo for this, it is a beautiful collection! Love the idea about putting it in colored water, didn't know this but my kids will be thrilled to give it a try!

  5. What a wonderful collection of Queen Anne's Lace and I'm so honored to have been included! There are so many beautiful wild flowers...I only wish many of them grew here in the Phoenix area.

  6. so beautiful pieces! thank you for including mine!
    queen anne's lace is always going to bring piece of warm summer to me, even when day will get short and trees loose all their leaves.


  7. i've been in love with queen anne's lace lately too -- it seems to be everywhere, and i love it!
    great collection :)

  8. what a beautiful collection of images! Thanks so much for including my pendant necklace!


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