Wednesday, August 26, 2009

collections: with gulf coast cottage pdf

i just love seeing what folks are collecting. i guess i kind of feel it tells us just a little bit about what inspires them, what they love, and what they choose to surround themselves with in their home. today, i'm delighted to present the next in the rikrak studio's collections series: 11 & a 1/2 quick questions with a wonderful artist on what they're collecting, (apart from their art supplies! ) you can also check out my new *the collectors* series, based on these posts, on Etsy's blog, the storque! hope you'll just love: glass paperweights with the wonderful Jen G of GulfCoastCottagePDF.


who (are you) :
Jen G

what (are you collecting)
: Glass Paperweights

when (did you start) : I was about 14
how (many do you have?): about 19
where (do you find them) : Thrift/ Antique Stores - or Gifts
where (do you keep them) : In a window between my kitchen & living room- to catch the light.
what ('s a crazy/interesting story behind one) : My first paperweight was given to me by a close family friend, who is no longer with us. It came from her personal collection.
what (piece would you like to add): Interesting or unique pieces.
why (do you love them) : The colors- they are eye candy
which (one is your favourite) & why :
My hour glass shaped one- the one that started it all.

what (else do you collect) :
Vintage Mermaids, Salt & Pepper Shakers & Vintage Elves.


aren't they gorgeous?
oh how i'd love to have those paperweights beautifying the piles of papers on my workspace! wouldn't that be blissful?

and a perfect inspiration just in time for back to school!
what an addition to any workspace!
i just love this collection. and the fabulous collector behind them, too. Jen G. is the mastermind behind the ever-popular GulfCoastCottagePDF shop, where her imaginative, delicious-looking and superdooper fun felt food, doll & toy patterns light up the screen! i just adore these fun felt sets to make yourself!:

so check out her shop, her lovely blog, and let your imagination run wild! thanks, Jen!

& check out the new Etsy Storque series i'm writing on what Etsyans are collecting!
the 1st one's here!

{ps: today is the LAST day to enter the kristin friesen jewelry giveaway, too! hurry here!}
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  1. I LOVE her collection! My aunt used to collect glass paperweights and I fondly remember them all over her home. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :+)

  2. Wow, those paper weights are gorgeous!

  3. they are so pretty - little fantasy worlds. i should dust off my friend ship doll collection and put them out for display. they're probably lonely in that drawer...

  4. that's great, monique! and yes, alex! can't wait to see those!

  5. the paper weights are so pretty. i think the green hourglass shaped one is a sock darner-it looks good as a paper weight too.

  6. Wonderful paper weights! What a great collection. And her work is so neat!


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