Thursday, May 14, 2009

the rikrak slumber party { part 1 } : your top 3 topsecret tv crushes!

Got Me a TV collage by kareemrizk


don't you just love a slumber party? comfy pjs, silly movies, telling your friends, old & new, your thoughts & crushes & dreams.... such fun! so i thought i'd invite you to a new series on the rikrak studio blog... the rikrak slumber party. come on over... here's the first question :
:: your top 3 topsecret tv crushes ::

i must admit, i'm not such a tv watcher. but over the years, i have had a few spurts of tv - ing - fun! they heyday for my tv watching was really when i was in my preteens. there were a variety of great 1960's and 70's reruns on in that era, that were right up my alley!
and so...
my first tv crush was was born...

Russell Johnson autograph via cerebral_intoxicat ion's photostream

tv crush #1: the professor from *gilligan's island.* (played by Russell Johnson) if you don't know gilligan's island, the premise sounds a bit like a comedic *Lost.* (just kiddin'!)
i loved the professor's good-guy charm, thoughtful approach to problem-solving, and understated wit .... i thought he was so cute! ahh...


fast forward to the mid-80's ... tv crush #2.... *sigh* ... remington steele (pierce brosnan) ... to be honest.. i don't think i ever really saw this show about a former conman turned detectivey guy, as a youngin'.
( surely i wouldn't have been allowed! it still seems so racy in my mind! ha!)

but i do recall a glorious full-sized poster of
remington steele that my very cool babysitter had up in her bedroom... and i was hooked! everytime i would be @ her place, i would just stare and stare... is it wrong to have a crush on a poster? i could just tell from that photo..
he was so dashing, so debonair, so clever and with such spy - ly intelligence! that's tv crush #2.


well... we've all come a long way from professors stranded on islands and dashing private investigators... so we're down to tv crush #3.... late @ night if i'm cutting fabrics or ironing orders, i love tuning in to see the very wonderful george stroumboulopoulos on cbc's current affairs/ news show *the hour* - it's true - i've certainly got a crush here! sadly, if you're not in canada... you might not know of the wonderful george... yet! i think george is a great host. he's gregarious and witty and has a fun intelligence to him... and he happens to interview some of my favourite advocates, humantarians, politicians and writers. i do have a little crush on george. it's true. *sigh*: tv crush #3

so there's my 3 not-so-secret top 3 tv crushes.
let's snuggle into our cozy sleeping bags, open another bag of sour cream & onion chips,
turn on some cyndi lauper, giggle & whisper and hear yours!

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  1. Oh, Remington Steel is a good one!

    Mine would be Zack Morris - SBTB! LOL! And, Angel from the Buffy days...and maybe Brian from QAF - only - his character is gay, making that difficult! LOL! All hotties worth crushing in their characters, but none all that great in real life! LOL!

  2. You are so funny, RR!
    I love George Strombo, too! He's too good to be true!

    I also loved Jack from Young and the Restless in my teen years.

    Now, Taye Diggs on Private Practice! He's swwooony!

    Love your slumber party idea!

  3. Okay here goes:

    Michael Vartan - Alias
    Taylor Kitsch - Friday Night Lights
    Mark Harmon - NCIS, St. Elsewhere (I am dating myself LOL)

    Do you need pictures LOL???

    And I'm starting to have a big crush on Sidney Crosby - hockey player, not really tv crush. He is only 21...and I am ????

  4. Mc Dreamy from Grey's

    The New Guy From Star Trek- Spock (I have no idea why)

    Sawyer from LOST (again, I have no idea why)

  5. My first would have to be Bo Duke (John Schneider) from the Dukes of Hazzard, then David Duchovny of X-Files or Californication, and finally, Sawyer on LOST, played by Josh Holloway.
    (And my geek crush is Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory - he has the best tshirts!)

  6. Bo Duke is a good one, Alexkeller!!!!!

    I'll choose him, and Sawyer from Lost. Wow! LOL!

    For my third, I'm choosing Dylan from the ORIGINAL 90210 back in the day!! I still love him!!!!

    You're the funnest, RikRak!

  7. Zach Quinto ( Sylar from Heroes, and "New Spock")

    Bret Harrison (Sam from Reaper)

    Fran Kranz (Topher on Dollhouse)

    it changes...gong through a major Zach Quinto "thing" ATM ;)

  8. I don't know most of the people you are all referring to! apart from the dukes of hazard one, Sawyer and Pierce Brosnan as I we see them on the TV over here in the UK!

    my TV crush is David Tennant, who plays Doctor Who. You can look for him on Google or Youtube if you don't know who he is!!

    Gethin Jones from Strictly Come Dancing (google him too!)

    and the 3rd...

    Zach Braff from Scrubs!

  9. haha, this is too fun!
    mine was definately uncle jessie from full house!!! i was mad about him! (and might I add, he just keeps getting handsomer!)

  10. "Mike Seaver" (I think their last name was Seaver) (Kirk Cameron) from Growing Pains adorned my wall as a young girl.

    Hmmm, these days I would have to say
    "Martin" (Eric Close) from Without a Trace.

    And for number 3...

    I'm with Maria...Sidney Crosby!

  11. This is so fun! My best friend and I used to play "Let's get ready for our double date with Bo & Luke Duke!", so I'd have to say those two for sure! (I think Luke was my "date")

    I had a huge crush on James Stamos as Blackie from General Hospital. I still have a crush on him! Also loved Tristan Rogers as Scorpio from GH too and his Aussie accent!

    Big crush on Robson Green from many british shows but especially loved him in the miniseries Reckless!

  12. Right now my only TV crushie is on Seth Meyers - of Saturday Night Live fame:

    What can I say? I have a thing for funny men with beautiful crows feet.

  13. Hahah, what a fun post!

    My very 1st crush was Bob Crane from Hogan's Heroes. I remember I transferred that crush to a student teacher in elementary school because he had the same last name ;)
    My next crush was definitely John Schneider of Dukes of Hazzard fame - I was even an official member of his fan club!
    My 3rd tv crush was Andrew Shue of Melrose Place (although as I got older he was replaced by Grant Show).

  14. Okay no one laugh, I had a crush on Hoss Cartwright when I was little... he was just so sweet and kind...

    George Strombo for sure.. even though I could be his mom....

    Hmm the third, toughie... Mc Steamy from Greys!

  15. Wow. Bo Duke! There's a crush I forgot I had!! LOL!

    I also loved Peter Jennings. May he Rest in Peace. My third would have to be Simon Cowell. He's so mean/cute! Don't tell my husband. He can't stand him!!!!!!!

  16. Lets see.

    Keifer Sutherland (not the now Keifer but the Lost Boys Keifer)

    Vin Diesel...**sigh**

    #3...............not sure. Im still thinking about Mr. Diesel. :)

  17. I have always had a thing for Sam Elliott! That deep, husky voice...
    And, how about all of the shirtless guys in volleyball scene in Top Gun??!! Oh my... One more? Let's see, Matthew Mcconaughey? He is a babe. I guess mine are more movie people than TV... My daughter is in LOVE with Stabler from SVU...

  18. 1. Alex Kirev - from Grey's Anatomy, I so cannot stand Derrick
    2. Keifer Sutherland - I agree from Lost Boys not 24
    3. Dwayne Johnson - aka The Rock

  19. I had to think about this one...I'm going way back to my first crushes.

    George Clooney when he had a bit part on Facts of Life

    Fonzy from Happy Days. My dad wanted to BE him so I thought he must be cool!

    Ricky Schroder!

  20. I also had kid-crushes on Speed Racer and Derek Wildstar from Star Blazers.

    The fact they were animated didn't faze me.

  21. i love pierce brosnan esp when he played james bond!

  22. love this post! how fun. this reminds me of my own first crushes Eric Estrada from CHIPS & Jon Schneider from Dukes of Hazard. That dates me too. :)

    my top 3 topsecret tv crushes are:
    1) George Clooney ( from George on Facts of Life, Booker on Roseanne, ER as Doug Ross + the Oceans movies etc. He's just so tall dark and yummy. Classic girly crush.

    2) McSteamy, NOT McDreamy. Yes, the other one. Grey's Anatomy. I know. I can't help it. I tried to resist but HE keeps bringing me back.

    3) Craig Ferguson, from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Hot and funny? YAH. Love him. His humor. Even that late.

    Great idea!!

  23. my 1st t.v crush was mister rogers.
    I was 3 or 4 and I talked to him on the screen like he was actually in the room. lol.
    this explains a lot of things in my adult life. LOL!

  24. Oh my gosh! I have to jump on the Bo Duke bandwagon! Totally forgot about him :)

    Others would be...

    Jordan Catalano aka Jared Leto

    Also, I remember loving Maxwell Caulfield who played Miles Colby from The Colby's (spin-off of Dynasty). He was also in Grease 2


  25. Oh fun! This is confession time for me as I have slightly unconventional taste in men. My secret TV crushes (not any more) are Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, who's a British TV chef, Zach Braff from Scrubs, with whom I almost share a birthday and Peter Griffin, who reminds me of my fiance, and makes me laugh.

    I despair of myself, I really do, but this is me :-)

  26. oh these are super, nicies!
    i love all of our wonderful topsecret tv crushes! i forgot about bo duke! he was certainly one of my crushes too! :) thanks for playing.

  27. ok I am playing late but here goes..

    1.Pierce of Remington Steele!
    2.Joshua Jackson of both Dawson's Creek and now Fringe
    3.Nick Stokes of CSI or Hugh Laurie of House

  28. When George says he's my boyfriend, I believe him! I just say "I know, George. I know."

  29. Wow this was tough! I've had so many secret tv crushes.

    My first was Batman -- not Bruce Wayne -- he had to be wearing the Batman costume. Maybe I liked the tights?

    Fast forward to the 80's, and Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. Those eyes...

    Nowadays, it's Alton Brown that makes my heart go pitter-pat. He's cute, he's funny, and he can cook! What more can a girl ask for?

    I also have a huge crush on Joe Sakic (hockey player for the Colorado Avalanche). But he isn't a secret. My husband knows I'm mad for Joe. :)

  30. wait! george is MY boyfriend!

    ha, i totally have a crush on him. he's so cute, and he's such a good interviewer. he asks really interesting questions, and totally knows his back story and is really comfortable going with the flow. (except for the failed palin interview on new year's eve, that was way too scripted!)

    ahem. okay, anyway. other crushes.

    i LOVED johnny depp in 21 jump street. he's hot now, but ohmygod, he was SO hot then! and definitely young george clooney, he was so cute.

    the big big crush when i was a teenager was jared leto in my so called life (i had a bit of a crush on angela's best friend too - rayanne? i loved her!). i loved that show so much, but watching old episodes now is seriously painful! it's just a little to close to home for me, i'd rather not think about my self conscious and awkward high school days!

  31. Despite fears that this will expose my hick roots, mine are (in autobiographical order!):

    Valerie Bertinelli (from "One Day at a Time")

    Megan Follows as "Anne of Green Gables"


    Catherine Bach as "Daisy Duke"

    thanks god this is anonymous...

  32. hey! George is *my* boyfriend.... he tells me so every night. ;)

    my top 3:
    Magnum PI (thanks mom!)
    Dr. Kovac from ER
    Bo Duke (but only if he brings the General too!)


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