Tuesday, September 27, 2011

confessions: i can't knit

:: 1st collage :: 
row one

row two
row three

row four
cabled leg warmers |  cleos craft

row five
gray chunky baby blanket | knitsome designs
sunflower pompom hat | tortilla girl


:: 2nd collage :: 
 row one
rococo shawl | tickledpinkknits
quiet time photograph |  habitofbeing

 row two
loop scarf pattern pdf | ruby submarine

row three
large knit pouf |  luckyhanks
creamy white slouchy hat | love and knit
silver gray sock yarn | evermorestudios

row four
spicy mustard hairband |  baruchslullaby

row five


confession: i just can't knit.

5 different times.
over 20 years.
to no avail.

many friends have tried to show-me-the-ropes, too.
but i just can't knit.

i so admire knitters. 
that lightning-speed way you can knit, purl, drop a stitch, increase, cast on ... make amazing things magically appear from a simple yarn.
it's all a secret mathematical language to me!
AND... aren't knitters phenomenal multi-taskers? knitting while visiting, knitting while watching a concert, knitting while bathing, knitting while exercising (i've seen it done!) ... wow!

how about YOU & knitting - yay or nay?
have an artform you just can't seem to master?

join my club. :)

i'll just have to sit back and admire!
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  1. I was the same way until I learned to crochet. Then the concept made more sense. I prefer knitting to crochet now. Sometimes it's just a matter of developing the muscle memory so that your brain has room to focus on what you're doing, imo.

  2. I bet you could if you tried again now! I think it's like any artform: mind over matter!

    That said, I've tried many times to learn how to play the piano (an artform!!!) and cannot.

    Sigh. No one makes a better admirer then someone who has tried and failed!

  3. i bet you could! it's really rather relaxing and when it's all said and done, you have something cozy ;-)

    thanks for including my quiet time print in your collection!

  4. oh you are all so wonderfully optimistic and encouraging. thanks cuties.

    but really. i can't! :)

    that's good to know, sewsweet! i'll keep that in mind if i EVER dare try again!

    thanks for the peptalk leslie. but i think i've hung up my knitting gloves! (so true about mind over matter though!)

    and amanda: the cozy outcome is a WONDERFUL way to say it! my pleasure!

  5. Wooww!!

    This is wonderful colors and items combination!!
    Thank you for adding my Mustard Knit yarn:)


  6. I am still (2 years later) TRYING to crochet.

    I can make a purse (obviously)

    and hell, I have even made a wedding gown..

    But a simple chrochet dishtowel?

    Nope.. not even that.

    I have set many before I die goals, and have already acomplished alot of them.. so I think (being in my 30's) I *still* have a shot at the crochet thing... so I am sure one day you will have your knitting moment :)

  7. you're most welcome, yarnisland!

    & i'm so proud of you, julia! setting & then accomplishing goals is so fabulous, isn't it? (except when it's me + knitting!) :)

  8. Oh my goodness, I want to curl up in the knit chair! I can knit a scarf and have attempted a few other projects, but I just don't have the patience for it. Wish I did though! Maybe someday.

  9. me, too... started it once but couldn't quite do it! but really would love to, feel take a look at your tips and tutorial! xoxo


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  11. The minute you stop thinking you can't is when you can!! I use to think I couldn't crochet or knit - one day last fall I sat down and told myself I wasn't going to give up.
    I've now crocheted a couple blanket and a dress for my daughter. When our power went out for 6 days after hurricane Irene I picked up a book and have been teaching myself how to knit.
    **But I know I can't spell - hence the deleted post :) **

  12. nope...I am in with the club...the NO KNITTING club...and am like you...I admire those who can.


  13. I love knitting, is sooo relaxing!!!

    I'm so proud to find my Riona cardigan featured in this post! Thank you :)

  14. I'm learning to knit and I really like it. I can't wait until I'm good enough that I really understand the artform so that I can improvise a bit and fix my own mistakes. For now, I'm pretty happy to crank out scarves and blankets for my sisters and friends. It's such a cozy hobby.

    This was a beautiful montage! Thanks for brightening my day with it.

  15. Ha! My grandmother tried teaching me to sew about a dozen times - she even gave me her old sewing machine, which stayed in my closet and mocked me for years. I also had five different friends try to help me learn, but I always got muddled with rethreading the bobbin (is that even what you call it?!) and gave up. But now...I'm happy to say that I started a quilt a couple of years ago and it's coming along nicely (albeit slowly)...and the bobbin no longer scares me (very much).

    Thanks so much for featuring us in your gorgeous blog!

    -Shannon from Baruch's Lullaby

  16. .. I can knit... but I'm a slow knitter. I think a snail could learn to knit & finish a jumper before I even finished casting on!!!

  17. maybe someday's a GREAT way to think of it, rj! :)

    well we're all part of the happy club, then somekind!

    you're fabulous, itchin! way to go!

    and yes - yay to us admirers, charlotte!

  18. You're not alone. I'm totally dyslexic and no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get the hang of it. That's why I took up spinning!

  19. K, thanks so much for featuring my shawls in these fun and beautiful collages!

    There are many forms of expression and crafts that I haven't mastered but knitting is my love and passion. I heart it :D

  20. It took me a few tries over several years before I got the hang of knitting. Now knitting is a regular part of my life.

  21. I tried numerous times to learn to crochet..so I could knit and crochet...but I prefer 2 sticks to a hook :) Thank you for including my Snuggly cowl with all of these talented fiber artists xo

  22. love reading all of your thoughts, nicies!

    rosario: wonderful!

    congrats, erin! love that it's so COZY! indeed!

    that's so exciting, shannon! hope we can have a peek when the quilt's finished! yay!

  23. There's nothing wrong with not knitting. I have tons of respect for those who do and there are so many beautiful knitted goodies out there (love your collection by the way) but it is just not for me. My Nana tried to teach me too but all that counting and my mind just... wandered.

  24. Thank you so much for featuring my pillow on your blog! It's just lovely!


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