Thursday, September 29, 2011

mini & modern beach hut models

fabulous beach hut miniatures


the weather cools.
but my love for the beach fades not!

how about a little bonfire in the sand in front of one of these fabulous mini & modern beach hut models ? a little tiny retreat maybe? they're entries from the "bathing beauties *re-imagine the beach hut for the 21st century*" coastal design competition. {via mini modern}
they're all 1:15 scale models. 

talking of miniature:  did you hear about this wonderful modern dollhouse decorating challenge: i'm a giant over at the beautiful style by emily henderson ? looks so fun! (& great judges!) 

which beach hut's your fave? 
do love mini things? (i'm obsessed)


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  1. Wow! Those models are really amazing!!/MandyCrandell

  2. Models are so cool! My brother used to make model airplanes as a boy. Now he's a commercial airline pilot!!

    I like #232 - great shapes.

  3. i totally agree, mandy.

    & that's so fun, moira. love that connection!


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