Tuesday, September 20, 2011

call for items!


well - the air begins to chill and as i work away at stocking orders, i thought i'd put a call out to you nicies.

each year i include fun little goodies in my larger etsy-shop orders as a little thanks. i'm always looking for nicies who are willing to send me LIGHT, flat, handmade items (and their business cards to go along with them) for me to send out in my holiday order packs.

i hope it's great exposure for handmakers like YOU!

i'm looking for a bunch of different folks to send me goodies this year to cover all of my orders!

  • your interested in some direct exposure with handmade-loving customers
  • you make something very light and flat
  • you would be willing to make 40-ish pieces to send me.
  • can send them to me by october 12th.
  • you'd like some extra holiday-time exposure for your work.
... please email me at rikrakmail @ yahoo.com , with the title: "call for items", with a link to an image of the item and a description of what you'd make!

i will let folks know NEXT week if i think it would be a great match! thank you!

also - the goodies need not all be the same. they'll each be sent to a different customer!

please note:
--> 1) i'm sorry - but i am not looking for anything with a fragrance.
--> 2) i'm looking for NON-holiday-themed items. 

so show me what you make! and hopefully we'll get to work together soon!

AND ---> please feel free to spread the word to your handmaking friends that you think might be interested.

thanks so much, creative superstars!
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