Friday, September 30, 2011

oh no

handmade hockey
clockwise from top right
sports fan leg warmers  :: mademoiselle mermaid
hockey tote :: avril loreti
hockey puck soap :: maplecreeksoap
hockey player charm :: 824nothingmore


oh no.

today starts the FINAL weekend before that dreaded,  oh-so-LONG national hockey league / nhl season begins.

i've noted before: the boys @ the rikrak home are hockey nuts. fun hockey playing (that part i like!), 24 hour a day hockey updating, hockey news, hockey stats, hockey reading, hockey role-playing, hockey strategizing, hockey cheering,  hockey costumes, ... it's pretty much all hockey craziness, all the time....

(i know... that's NOT very canadian of me, is it?!)

in good news ... only 9 1/2 months til it's over!

have a glorious *last weekend without hockey* cuties!
who's with me?
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  1. I love those hockey inspired leg warmers! So cute! Cheers!

  2. thanks sweetie. your hockey totes are just the loveliest!

  3. I agree! You made me literally laugh out loud at that one. Give me strength!!!!!!!

  4. hahahahahaha! you poor thing. only 9 1/2 MONTHS!!!!!! i shall never complain about baseball season or football season again!

  5. This is a really cute collection, but it's sorta bumming me out because I'm in the same boat. Thank god for tv on the internet!

  6. LOL Love it;) Thanks so much for featuring my leg warmers!!
    ♥Mademoiselle Mermaid

  7. you're support means so much, lovelies! :)

    me too, lori!
    thanks for the empathy, alex :)

    well at least we have each other, paperfruit!

    anytime, mademoiselle! love your work!

  8. so so fun! It's true, the season is here... but that means more fun girl visits and phone calls and tea parties, no?!?! So it may not be all bad... xo


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