Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my favourite things: croquet

the croquet party by sugarlily


woowee have we ever been enjoying backyard croquet parties since a new set arrived on my birthday! (thanks cutie!) 

i just gosh-darn love playing:  outdoors, laugh-y, partially strategic, partially flukey, no-athleticism needed FUN!

ever played? 
{if no - hurry out to find a set!}

as a bright spot in my otherwise non-illustrious sporting career: i'm proud to tell you that once upon a time mr. rikrak and i were 2-term croquet tournament-among-friends-champions!  we USED to have the trophy to prove it! {darn you, jm, for de-throning us!} :)

alas...i'm sorely out of practice! 
off to the lawn to rediscover my prowess!
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  1. We play croquet every summer at my MIL's cottage! I never win, but it is fun.

    Congrats on your trophies!

  2. fun, grace!
    i actually usually never win, as well. but it's so fun that never seems to matter!

  3. My son was given a miniset to play croquet, but we have no idea how the game is played, we'll try and learn the rules, as it's really exotic for us in Spain,


  4. How fun! I've actually never officially played...I think I've tried before, but gave up. I should get a set and play :)

  5. fun, marta! i recommend just setting up the *wickets* and choosing your own rules!

    have fun!

    and yes - kristi - you should! it's so fun! but beware: it's highly obsessive :)

  6. Croquet is such a fun and charming thing. My grandmother had a set we played with all the time!

  7. My hubby introduced us to the fun of croquet - he loves to be 'poison'!!! It is a great game. Enjoy!

  8. yay sarah & olive!
    come over anytime for a tournament! (wouldn't that be fun?!)

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