Thursday, September 8, 2011

kissing friends: part 3

::  lovely handmade kisses ::
{clockwise-ish from top left}


gosh how i love love!
ain't it a many splendid thing indeed!

well this weekend is mr. rikrak + my meeting anniversary  {+ then a year later-to-the-day kissing anniversary!} 
18 years!
good heavens. 

two years ago i told my tale of how i met my kissssssing friend, and asked to hear YOURS! and last year we all basked in the glory of YOUR OWN kissing friend tales!
how delightful your answers are!

hope you'll enjoy these inspiring kissing friends tales by fabulous handmakers from around the world.

and please add yours in the comments!
hope your weekend is filled with lotsa love, nicies!


i asked... how did you meet your kissing friend! :)

3 squares : i met mr. squares at work. we did NOT get along, disagreed with each other on everything. we went on a business trip to boston and realized when we weren't talking business we actually liked each other. the wine might have helped, too. then came love, then came marriage... 


itchin'stitchin :  My dear hubby and I met in high school but were both dating other people - at my Senior prom he took a picture with my camera for me and I took a picture with his camera for him.

I went away for college - then came back for summer break and lived with my best friend. We were going to meet her friend (my soon to be hubby) at his work so we could all go play pool. The first thing he said to me was "Give me a ride to my car" I instantly hated him and told him "No - there wasn't a please in that sentence or nice to meet you" He asked me out 2 weeks later and I told him that I just went on a date with someone else and he would have to wait to see if that would worked out before I would start to date him (I'm not usually this mean). He waited and we started dating. 9 years and 3 children later - I am glad he waited and now he makes sure to say "please"


melissa of craftgasm: My third anniversary with mr. craftgasm was yesterday, so this is fresh on my mind and I want to share, too! :)

He put up a Missed Connection Craig's List ad for "missing girls with freckles" since it was the end of the summer and he has a particular attraction to us. I was bored at my old job and wrote back to tell him that some of us had them year-round, thankyouverymuch, and several witty e-mails later, I invited him to get water-ice with me.

We're currently planning our wedding for next fall. :)


leslie: I met my beau  through an online dating website. I had given up that it would work for me. Late one night I reactivated my account. Almost immediately I connected with my Prince Charming. We emailed for a few days, then met as soon as we could. He didn't seem my type AT ALL and I guess that why it worked so perfectly. We married a year later and this January will be our eighth anniversary!


faith - The hubs and I met during our freshman semester of community college in Philosophy class. We got married two years later, a couple of weeks after graduation. We've been together almost 10 years now, and celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in June!


IKABAGS : Mr.Demirtas was my best friend :) And then he showed me the movie *When Harry met Sally *  Do you know this wonderful film? Kisses! 


DanielleJeanne : My sir and I met in college. He was the roommate of the Student Body President candidate whose campaign I was running. By the time of the election (we lost) J and I were dating. The candidate is the Best Man in our wedding :) 


alex keller : we a pub actually. i was shooting pool, and he was admiring my game. he still remembers what i was wearing, and i remember being thrilled that the most handsome guy in the place was interested in me. he's still the most handsome. 

dawn correspondence : My kissing friend interviewed me for a job! *Scandalous* I got the job...and he asked me out multiple times before I finally agreed to go out with him a couple of months after him asking. We are now the best of friends and I couldn't live without him!


kathy pearlman I met my hubby in the back of a Batman comic book. He wrote a guest column in a comic and I wrote him. He wrote back and we went back and forth for a few months between Ky (where I lived) NJ (where he lived). He was well off and I was fairly well off, working and having been off welfare by about 6 months. We weren't kids - we were both over 30 and divorced. When we met, sparks flew at the first kiss and we went back and forth for 6 months , then married. We've been married 25 years - still working on the happily ever after...


yay love!
how did YOU meet your kissing friend?
what would be your ideal way to meet a kissing friend?
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  1. cutey fun article, I love it!! congratulations to you and your lovey - 18 years is amazing!!! wowow!! So thrilled for you, a perfect match, truly. Got a new kissing friend, we met online, which I have been hesitant about, and funnily, he is not my "type" at all, but I'm crazy about him! And he about me, apparently... so we shall see where the kissing friend fun leads to :) yay for love, in all it's many forms. Love is all around, we just need to open our eyes and heart to see it, sometimes :) And be oh so grateful for it, when we realize it!!

  2. Aw thanks, RR! It's fun to relive it here. Thanks for including our love story!!!

    And happy 18 years of kissing!!!!

  3. Yay!! Thank you so much for sharing my story again, and making me smile. Since writing this three years ago to you, my kissing friend and I got married this past April! Yay!

  4. yay to love, ang! and i couldn't agree more: is just is all around us, isn't it?!

    it's so good, leslie!
    thanks for sharing!

    and yay to that dawncorrespond!
    so happy for you and your kissing friend!

  5. Thanks for including our story!! Happy Anniversary - I love love too :)

  6. I met my kissing friend (now my husband of 4 years) 14 years ago… on the school bus. At the start of the year he sat in the back with the other upperclassmen, I in the middle. Each day he moved one seat closer to my usual seat, after a few days of being in the seat right behind me (I had no idea) he finally got up the courage to say "hi". He leaned up, putting his elbow on the back of my seat, with his "hello", I turned in a way that met my eye to his elbow resulting in a serious black eye. Not long after the black eye had faded, he was in my seat, and we were kiss friends, much to our grumpy bus driver's dismay. It was "love at first {almost lost my} sight".

  7. so funny to read these - and mine! since we met, i still can't remember what HE was wearing that night :)


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
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