Thursday, November 24, 2011

november brown

:: beautiful november browns ::


everywhere here is brown.
autumny, foliage dying grass-is-brown, tall-weeds-in-the-park  brown, leaf-less-trees brown.  

and i suspect most folks don't like it much.
with its hidden raison d'etre meaning: *winter is coming.*
the acknowledgement that the beautiful technicolour autumn of gold & red & orange has long-since had its heyday here.

but i think it's just gorgeous.
absolutely goldeny-brown gorgeous.
cause hey - sometimes the beauty's in the in between parts of life, right?

do you love november brown?
{ps: happy thanksgiving to our dear friends in the US today - 
feeling grateful for all you nicies! }
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  1. These ARE beautiful! I'm not usually a fan of brown landscapes, but I may be swayed!!!!!

  2. I do love November brown but i love the may flowers more! they're both very beautiful though.

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  3. This is a great collection! There's still so much beauty to be seen in the browns of November ... thanks so much for including my golden grass here! xo


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