Friday, November 25, 2011

one month to go!

my little rikrak advent calendars

it's here.

it's one month til Christmas.
and i'm getting pretty excited!
tonight we celebrate with a special little family tradition of putting up the tree, fun & festive decorating, and exchanging tiny little handmade gifts to mark the *only one month left* occasion.

it's a fave of mine.
so the countdown's on.

how are you feeling about the Holidays starting?
happy? stressed? anxious? excited?
all of the above?

have a gorgeous weekend, cuties!
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  1. I'm excited about the Holidays, too! For the first time in many years our family gathering is welcoming a tiny addition. My sister is a proud Mama to my beautiful new niece.

    So I cannot wait!!!!!!!

  2. oh that's wonderful, olga! hope it's so fabulous for all of you!!

  3. I'm getting excited too. We'll put up the tree this weekend most likely. We usually put on some Christmas music and enjoy eggnog while we hang all the decorations. First though, I have to give my house a thorough inlaws arrive next week. Hope you have a wonderful month of December!

  4. thanks so much, jacaranda! you too!
    have a great time with your family!


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