Monday, November 28, 2011

proud mommying moments: the ukulele

:: darling handmade ukulele-ness ::
clockwise from the top-left corner


well nicies. i have a new love.
the ukulele, and my little one strumming it!

my smitten-ness has been growing & growing over the past few years. 
but as little rikrak readies for his 1st ukulele concert this week, i can happily confess that it's my new favourite sound: hearing him so cutely strum & sing fabulous folksy hit after fabulous folksy hit!

it's absolutely adorable.

what sound are YOU loving these days?

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  1. Cute! I love the ukulele, too. These days I love the sounds of silence at my new office. Our space was renovated recently and my new desk area is so peaceful and quiet. I LOVE it.

    I hope your child's concert goes well!

  2. my daughter just asked for a ukelele for christmas!

  3. that's so fun, diana! ah the sounds of silence! hope it's great for you.

    and yay, littlered! will she be getting one? it's so fun!

  4. We gave our son a ukelele when he was only 6 months old, because he always wanted to play my husband's guitar, so this was a mini-guitar for him to explore (and dad could play in peace)! He still loves it now he's a toddler...

    ... but I can't wait for when he's older and can start to play instruments for real. It must be so exciting as a parent. No wonder this is your favourite sound!

  5. Precious! I want a mini-concert, please! This morning, I loved the sound of coffee percolating in my kitchen :)

  6. oh that's a great story, suki! such a treasured sound!

    thanks cutie, angie! (ps: i love YOUR favourite sound too!) YUM!


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