Monday, November 21, 2011

thank my lucky stars!

my lucky stars
clockwise from the top left


we have this saying in these parts *thank my lucky stars!*
i'm feeling grateful like that these days... for oh-so-very many things.

so in honour - some beautiful handmade lucky stars.

and congrats to our latest lucky lucky winner:'s #57 ... alex kam of the beautiful jewelry shop skyejuice!  (& visit her gorgeous blog, too!) you've won the kanelstrand organic blog ad pack giveaway!

and fear not - still lots of other goodness to be won here on the blog! 

enter to win the november *i love my sponsors* $25 giveaway

what are you feeling thankful for this week, nicies? 
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  1. another great post... that gift packaging ring is SO ahh-dorable and unique! makes me wish I was more of a jewellery person.

  2. oh this is wonderful! thanks so much madame rikrak! :) xo

  3. thanks nicies!
    thankful for you both!

  4. I'm thankful for the rain that has fallen today knowing Texas is trying to recover from the drought. And love the stars!

  5. beautiful beautiful post! I am thankful for wonderful friends, and for so many amazing opportunites and choices in life!


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