Monday, May 2, 2011


canadian federal election cupcake toppers by FrostandFete


well kiddies... it's election day here in my fair nation. 
a chance to get out there & exercise our democratic freedom.

i always LOVE election day. regardless of the results.
we're so lucky as canadians to be able to handcraft our world and choose our leaders.

and you know something i especially love about voting now as a mommy? taking our little one to every kind of election voting. we've done that since he was born.

what a joy that is. such a great opportunity for discussion and to see the excited look on little rikrak's face as he talks (oh so wisely) about democracy and the electoral process at such a little age? inspiring!

how do you feel on election day in your neck-of-the-woods?
let the fun begin!


canadian party leaders finger puppets by FishonFridays

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  1. My kids like to come along on voting day, my daughter (1) loves being in the booth, like a little fort, and my son (3) likes to put our ballot through the scanner. Good for them to see the freedoms which they are fortunate to be entitled to.

  2. love it!
    so true about those freedoms. so lucky we are!

  3. Those cupcake toppers and finger puppets made me laugh OUT LOUD!!!!!

    I took my niece with me voting yesterday. It was great. Kids make it seem all that more important, don't they?

  4. indeed, lori! so great you took her with you!

    little rikrak stayed up FAR too late watching with crazy enthusiasm the election results roll in! so happy to see it in him!


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