Friday, April 29, 2011

the art of the souvenir: royal wedding goodies


:: beautiful royal wedding souvenirs ::
collage :: london mapcut ::


so did you watch?

woowee we sure did!
we had 5am raisin scones. DIY decor by the fabulous designeditor. and all-age friendly peppermint tea in my mother's fancy china tea cup collection! little rikrak thought it splendid!

how delightful!

and over all the oohing and aahing we were all remarking on how fabulous it is that this wedding, surely the most watched wedding in a long time, is,  so FABULOUSLY handmade. i doubt there's been such a huge handmade wedding! i would guess all the various components: the gown, the dresses, the flowers, the decor,  the commissioned music, the brilliant food, the stationary, the various fabulous fusses: all no doubt, handmade!

well that's a glorious thing indeed!
yay handmade weddings. and keepsakes of such!

now... deep below acid-free tissue papers and protective coverings, packed carefully away in a storage box in the basement, lies my 1981 royal wedding scrapbook: filled to the brim with newspaper clippings, photographs and kitschy paper souvenirs of that *other* royal wedding many moons ago: diana & charles.

i'll admit it. i may not be much of a monarchist, or a souvenir-ist, but i love a fun fancy wedding. it's not the kind i'd like for myself, but it seems as though there's a little bit of *how-about-being-a-princess-for-a-day* in so many of us! would you agree?

so to commemorate THIS royal wedding, how about some fabulous handmade keepsakes from around the world. kitschy and oh-so-fun. 

happy celebrating!
did you do anything special to remember the day by? 
have a joyous weekend, nicies!

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  1. I loved her dress!!

    I also had a Diana scrapbook. We're showing our age, aren't we?

  2. ah it's GOOD to show our wise ages, cutie !:) right?

    yes - i thought it was fun!
    have a great weekend.

  3. testing >>>>>>, guess who????

  4. I watched ~ and so did my husband until he had to leave for work, which I thought was sweet since he's such a macho, outdoorsy, couldn't-care-less-about-a-royal-wedding kind of guy!

    It was so lovely and magical. I hope they have a long and happy marriage. :)

    And yes, I remember watching Diana's wedding when I was about thirteen. ;)

  5. I love that paper cut of London! We had a gathering at my sister's home Friday night. We all wore pillbox hats and bridesmaid dresses! It was GRAND!

    I'll show my age: I wasn't around for the Diana wedding!!! :>


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