Friday, April 22, 2011

up close & personal: art


while we're all dunking & dying our beautiful Easter Egg masterpieces this weekend, this time of year always gets me excited about detailed art. i've come across a couple of brilliant websites that both little rikrak and i love for online viewing of some of the world's most famous artworks!

how about the very best view we're ever going to get of the amazing sistine chapel: michaelangelo's masterpiece.visiting, you can zoom in on the most intricate details of this amazing work (and perhaps best of all - no throngs of crowds to compete with!)

or using google street view technology, how about viewing your favourite art gallery masterpieces from around the world; up close and personal on Google Art Project (look at the brush strokes! wow!)

the kids will love it!
and i think you might too, cuties!

have a beautiful, inspiring weekend, nicies.


 detailed view of  vincent van gogh's *wheat field with cypress trees*

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  1. Oh, now I love this! Love art and getting up close!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. The Sistine Chapel one is mezmirizing and TRIPPY!

    Have a fun weekend, RR!

  3. Google Art Project = brilliant! thank you!!

  4. I am a huge art buff, thanks for sharing :-)


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