Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the quilt catalogue: red & white quilts

 beautiful red & white quilts via


good heavens!
this just takes my breath away. 
honestly, i GASPED when i saw this image (thanks to *making it fun*)

oh how i would have LOVED to have seen this exhibition in person....

from the private collection of joanna rose, the american folk art museum show: infinite variety: three centuries of red and white quilts showcased 651 gorgeous gorgeous colour blocked quilts! kudos to the amazing handmakers that created each beautiful quilt and to the show curators for the brilliant show space design!

we have a cherished red & white quilt at the rikrak home.
handmade years ago by mr. rikrak's wonderful quilting grandma, it's used with love on a daily basis. i

just love the contrast of a two-tone quilt.

do you have a red & white quilt in your home? 
ever made one? 
have a cozy, wrapped in a quilt kinda day lovelies!

hope you'll check out the other 
rikrak studio quilt catalogues here:


beautiful red & white quilts via

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  1. These are beautiful!!!

    I have a quilt my Great Aunt made years ago. It's a log cabin quilt in reds and whites with a little gray. I love the look, too.

  2. I have made quilts but never a red and white one - they are beautiful. I think I will add it onto my *things I must do* craft list :)

    My favorite quilt is an old feed sack fabric pinwheel design quilt that I found at a tag sale. It's half fallen apart which makes me love it more.

  3. both of your special quilts sound so wonderful, nicies!

    and i know exactly what you mean about *half fallen apart makes (us) love it more, itchin!


  4. This is absolutely gorgeous, and I especially love the display!

  5. That is my next challange! the red and white one. I love the look.

  6. I have a beautiful red and white quilt which was handmade by my great-great grandmother. Apparently she stitched it by candlelight in her earthen floored home in Ireland. It isn't in the best condition anymore as my gran shoved it through a horrid old washing machine many times, but I love it anyway! I'd like to make one myself one day...

    That exhibition looks amazing!


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