Thursday, April 7, 2011

{thoughts on shops} + everything eco fabulous!

morning sweeties!

all this month i'm guest blogging over on the FABULOUS (i mean FABULOUS) Team Eco Etsy blog! each and every thursday in april you can catch my {thoughts on shops} Etsy shop analysis. it's a friendly look inside a different shop each week with my thoughts on what they're doing fabulously and some ways i think they can expand their business!

the first review is up today {it's the lovely lovely 5seed shop} and i'm talking branding ideas, product photography, photo editing and listing analysis!

so i hope you'll come on over and say hi!

AND... while you're there, be sure to visit the 2nd annual handmade earth day auction, ON NOW! there are amazing prizes up for grabs and all for a fabulous cause, with all proceeds going to habitat for humanity for japan.

honestly, i think the eco etsy blog is one of the most resourceful, insightful blogs around: for eco friendly makers, eco friendly folks, eco friendly ideas and more!(and i'm not just saying that cause i'm a proud team member!)

who are YOUR favourite eco-friendly handmakers? 

i'm always looking for new folks to feature in my great greenie series here on the rikrak blog!

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  1. I loved the eco etsy post kristal! Each and every thing you mentioned could implemented on my shop pages. I should work on that very soon.
    Too bad the ecoetsy team is full up on members. I'd love to have joined via my Simple Joys Paperie Etsy shop.

    Hope the auction does well!

  2. thanks so much, sweetie!
    5seed is such a great shop - it was a pleasure spending so much time analyzing her great work!

    i really appreciate your kind words.
    you'd be such an asset to ANY team, lovely!


  3. krista ..such a fabulous post with so many good points . thanks for doing this !!

  4. The Eco Etsy post is wonderful! It's so thorough and insightful. If it fits your criteria and if you have any slots to fill I'd so very much appreciate a look at my shop. I know you're full for April but if you're going into May...

    GREAT article!



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