Friday, May 6, 2011

handmaking & mom

 my mommy & me
from the Etsy article: because i said so: wisdom from mom

over the past couple of years here @ the rikrak studio we've talked about that intricate bond so many of us share between our art of handmaking and our mothers and grandmothers.

here are some of my thoughts on that wonderful connection as we celebrate our wonderful mother's and mothering nicies this weekend. 

( & some handmaking tales}   

thanks to all of the amazing mothers and grandmothers and aunts and teachers and loving women out there who make this world a better place thru their kind mothering & mentoring.

and most of all, thanks to my amazing mom & the fabulous handmaking grandmas i was blessed to learn from. 

do YOU have a grandmotherly- or motherly connection to YOUR art or craft? 
 i'd love to hear about it.
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  1. Like many crafters, I am a fifth generation crocheter with loads of inspiration from my grandma, aunt, mother and stepmom. Thanks for sharing your mom's gift to you!

  2. oh that's wonderful martha! what a grand tradition. i'd love to learn crochet one day soon! happy mother's day!

  3. My mom bought me my first sewing machine (a Cabbage Patch Kids sewing machine, no less!) and taught me how to sew when I was 8 years old. Her mother taught her and I can't wait to teach my own daughter someday.

  4. so very sweet .. i blogged about my connection ..even in her absence ..

  5. My dear mum is the one who taught me to sew by hand and use a sewing machine when I was a small girl. She tried to teach me to knit too, but that is not something I ever mastered beyond simple designs in knit and purl, LOL.

    Hope you had a wonderful mother's day! :)


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