Friday, May 27, 2011

patterns + shapes :: the raindrop



it rains + it rains here.
and i love it.
welcome welcome gentle drops.

rain in moderation - yay or nay? 
happy splashing, lovelies.
have a gorgeous weekend.

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  1. Rain in moderation is good. But it rained for many days straight where I am recently! Luckily we are back to beautiful weather! What a great post of the raindrop. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Val

  2. Definately YAY if a little bit!

    Love that first print.

  3. cuuuuute!!! i love the first picture!!

    allister bee blog

  4. cheers, lovelies!
    happy little-bits-o-rain.

  5. I loved this celebration of rain, K! Thank you for the reminder to celebrate everything :) yay to rain, in moderation... sans floods... it is fresh and green here! Love the rain drop buttons. Have a lovely rainy weekend!

  6. This is a hard one! Yay, when the only thing you have to do is look it through the window and nay, when you have many things to do outside :D
    I guess is all abut the mood, too.

  7. ooohhh! a great list! thank you so much. :) greetings from vienna. and it's still raining here since hours.. (sorry for my bad english ❤ )

  8. What a wonderful collection! So nice to see so many interpretations of the precious little drop!

  9. Your picks are gorgeous, but I'm a NAY. Too cold and too wet usually!!!

  10. HI there! Today I got caught in the rain (thunder rain) here in Lisbon. I got got and every part of me was soaking: the best walk home ever! Thanks for featuring my rain and cloud pin!

  11. What a great blog! So glad you featured me (thanks!) so I could find you :)


  12. I'm wearing my Epheriell Rain drop earings right now!

  13. Oh I prefer cold weather therefore raining in moderation or a couple of hours in many days straight is fine by me.

    And thank you so much for featuring one of my handmade collage here! I love that piece by AshleyG.


  14. cheers, sweeties! so happy i have some fellow light rain lovers out there!

    and thanks for your lovely words.

  15. it's been raining quite a bit over here lately, and I'm anxiously awaiting for the sun to return. But I was thinking to myself just the other day, how nice it is to smell rain in the breeze that is blowing, there is something just so fresh about it....


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