Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my favourite things: chartreuse

 :: handmade chartreuse ::
top collage

second collage

third collage

fourth collage

last collage


you're the best.

spring, with it's yellowy-green awakenings is everywhere here.

the silent star of the show amid a week of gorgeous gorgeous grey rain has got to be that formidable, quiet, enchanting, delicate spectrum of chartreuse.

good GOLLY i love spring. 
what your fave colour this season, nicies? 

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  1. That's my favorite color too :))))

  2. And my favorite color!
    Lovely collection.

  3. so happy to have all you chartreuse lovers here!

    gorgeous, isn't it?

  4. Curiously coincidental I created a inspo tray of limey things that prompted a new painting (shared on my blog) and collections on pinterest and etsy just this weekend!

    Lime/chartreuse is my favourite 'go to' colour that I am innately drawn to. Nice to meet a fellow lover of the lime :)

  5. just lovely-- my all time favorite color! many thanks~

  6. Thank you so much dear for having my branch! :D You are a sweeeeetheat! :)

  7. Your choices and presentation is so beautiful!Thank you for including my photography!


  8. Wow! I'm so honored~!!!
    Thank you sooooooo much!!!

  9. What a gorgeous collection of chartreuse items! It's such a fun and fresh color for the warmer months, and one of my favorite colors :)

  10. Beautiful selection, love the way you present them, very charm! Thank you for including my palm size wallet, I am thrilled to be part of this stunning collection~

    -Love from Cotton Purr

  11. What a stunning collection and arrangement of gorgeous items! Thank you so much for including my dishes here :)

  12. Chartreuse is such a great colour, it goes with so many other colours! I love it but I'm also partial to watery aquas.

  13. cheers to the chartreuse fan club! :) thanks lovelies!


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