Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 of my favourite things!

a few of my favorite things print by akihago


many moons ago, the dear & lovely nicole of *paper creations by nicole* tagged me for the fun blogging game: 10 of my favourite things. so sweet of you nicey - thank you! in the time that i could have traveled around the galaxy (and back!) on foot, i've finally put together 10 of today's fave things. tough! cause let's be honest: i have a million fave things! you too?

so here we go! ....


spring breeze by lisastubbs

1. the wind

for me, there is little else in the world that could bring peace to troubled day, or joy to an already perfect outing, then a calm and delightful little wind. i'm gonna say it: i'm in love with the wind. *sigh*


glass of water by gfrphoto

2. a glass of water
it's my favourite drink and i secretly feel like water is a superhero: recharging things with its' clear, quenching perfection. i crave water like crazy. and without it i feel nuts!


imperial red camera print by michele maule

3. taking photos

since i was about 8, my absolutely favourite hobby/art interest/(and then job!) is taking photographs. i love to look at others' photos, take pictures myself, daydream imagined photos in my head, etc. when we were wee, i used to pay my little brother a dime to look at my (even then!) stacks of photo albums. i'll admit it: i'm obsessed with photography! so you can imagine how it's a dream-come-true-job for me to be able to scour the internet, looking for great images to feature! woohoo!!


mixed tape cassette print by johnwgolden

4. great music

i don't have very current music tastes. really: it's fabulously antiquated and i love it! i happily love ridiculous 80's dance music, our family getting together to play various instruments and sing hits from the 1920s, acapella choirs singing Baroque madrigals, and little rikrak's fabulous casio keyboard dance party creations. music is a delightful part of my every day - and i'm so thankful for it!


retro cups gocco print by junecraft

5. a coffee or tea party for two

having a little visit with another loved one/dear friend over coffee or tea is certainly one of my most favourite things in life. sharing tales over yummy warm drinks is such precious time for me.


topography by crafterall

6. the shoreline

if i could spend my days walking and playing where a beach meets the water, i think that would be eternal bliss for me. the relaxing, lapping lull of the water = sheer delight. wanna go?


wohnzimmer by stephanielevy

7. colour
i love colour in all its forms: vivid, the lack there of, pale, mono-toned, bold, etc.
i'm a firm believer that colour is one of the most emotive elements in the world. when i work or think or play colour's always somewhere at the front of my mind.


summer please return photo by irenesuchocki

8. playing at a quiet beach.

now this one's a bit like my #6, but one of the things my whole family loves most is to play at the beach together. any beach. any where. the beach is just the perfect backdrop for so many things that are near and dear to our family: spending time together, being somewhere inspiringly beautiful, it has the sun & wind & water (all elements i adore!), there's space for building and playing games and splashing in the water and sitting and visiting over yummy foods. j'adore!

speak kindly by dazeychic

9. kindness

enough said.


7 generation modern family tree by my tree and me

10. my wonderful family.

the most favourite ... of all favourites.


since i'm a wee bit behind with this post, i thought it would be fun to offer EACH of you a chance to share YOUR 10 favourite things!

so i pass the baton to you.

do a post (maybe you've already done one!) or link to a photo of something that's your favourite, LINK below and we'll all go visit!

can't wait to see yours!

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  1. I think I agree with all of your favorite things. :) Great picks and great links! Thanks for sharing.

    Bre @

  2. My all time favorite artist is Richard Diebenkorn. This is a painting titled Coffee. He had three distinct periods of work and is predominantly known for his Ocean Park series. I love all three periods for various reasons. It is easy to see his influence in my work.

  3. Thank you for showing spring breeze! I love your fave 10 things, you have such a great blog!:)

  4. oh thanks so much, nicies!

    glad to see we're so kindred, red bungalow! i'd love to see your own list!

    and that's great bobbie - i can't see a link - can you resend it? thanks!

    aw thanks lisa! :) love your work!

  5. I love your list!

    That's very very funny about your brother and the photo albums.

    Ah siblings. I'll try to make one of these up on flickr to show. Thanks!!

  6. lovely list, kristal!
    i especially love the 'speak kindly' poster. it brings a smile to my face. thank you!

  7. The wind illustration is beautiful. You're great, RR!

  8. :)

    and thanks for adding yours, tazim!

  9. So here is the Richard Diebencorn link;

  10. I see that many of us have the same favorite things in common!


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