Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 great new-to-me ontario artists

love love love lucky jackson's textile work!


isn't it fun to go to an Art show and discover inspiring new-to-you Artists?

good heavens yes!

a couple weeks ago i covered the New Art Festival in my lovely Ottawa for a great new online Arts journal:

you can read the full article here.

it was a superfun task to meet some fabulous new-to-me artists for the story, and i thought you might like a chance to visit them, too!
just click on each image to head over to their fabulous sites!

yay ontario artists - making amazing things!

have some fave new-to-you Artists you've seen at a show or festival lately?

have you ever been REALLY excited to meet a certain Artist at a show?

i'd love to hear!

{all images by me: rikrak}

fabulous paper maker beth levin


brilliant muralist daniel bombardier

eco steel sculpture duo dog bite steel

the fabulous GNAG children's workshops


intreguing scluptor leah hamilton


fabulous glass & textile artist sarah hallman

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  1. YES! I agree. I love seeing New-to-me Artists at shows ("discovering them!") LOL!

    I love Lucky Jackson's Art. I've seen it before on Etsy. Lucky you've seen it in person.

  2. What lovely mini features!

    I am still to frightened to do a show... :S

  3. me too, heather!

    isnt' it great!

    and YOU CAN DO IT, stunning! your work is so sweet! i know folks would love it! but yes - they can be quite daunting, can't they! :)

  4. Wow - thank you for bringing these artists to my realm! I do love discovering new to me artists. The thrill of the find.

  5. Amazing artists!! I want to check out that show next year:)

    I was excited to meet Steven Barkley, at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto a few years ago. He makes zany puppets
    My son had been given several by our best friends in Ottawa and it was cool to meet the hand beneath the puppet:)

  6. I'd love to meet Yokoo!
    I guess many of us would. Her unique style really inspires me.


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