Monday, June 28, 2010

with thanks

happy monday, nicies!
well i have some long overdue thanks i'd like to start the week off with!
thankfully, my parents showed me the value of a sincere thank you note, and that while best written as soon as you can, that it's never too late to show your gratitude...

so...some thanks for kindnesses...

thanks to all of you nicies for your delightful comments, following my little blog, and for leaving such friendly comments each day! it's a treat to see that real-live folks are reading the blog ( i know that you other bloggers out there know what i mean! :) , and i cherish that so much! i'm so lucky to have such a fabulous bunch of folks with with me in bloggyville!

thank you notes by tickledpinkpaperie

sometime last week i saw that i hit 1400 google friend connect followers on the blog! mixed with all you nicey subscribers, readers and feedburners, that takes me to a delightful number of nicies visiting the blog on a regular basis! so cheers to you all! thanks so much. thanks for the lovely community of support you've all lent my way!


my next thanks is sent out to Etsy - for kindly publishing my latest *collections* article on the storque! based on my own blog series, the collectors: this month's is a tantalizing summery delight for the eyes, with gulf coast cottage pdf's amazing and sunny glass paperweight collection!

if you have the chance, please pop on over to the article and leave your cheers for Jen's gorgeous collection - and tell me what YOUR collecting, too! {i'm always looking for new nicies to feature!}


next up, i'd like to say thanks to all of the nicies who've been featuring my work on their sites and blogs. an extra special thanks to 3 nicies who have featured little interviews with me in the past month or so.

a fabulous blog i know so many of you, along with me, love is *we blog artists*. so i was delighted to be interviewed for their wonderful *tell all tuesdays* - a few little little-known tidbits emerged! :)


come read on the transcanada etsy blog about the CANADIAN i'd love to meet!

and... if you're lucky enough to read japanese, please visit the beautiful blog of my perennial favourite, oktak, for a fun series of questions.

gosh - i'm such a nervous nelly answering interview questions!
good heavens!


and 4th
i'm lucky to get asked a lot about *how did you grow your little handmaking business*. well here's one of the most important things that made it possible: being kindly featured in other handmakers' treasuries, blogs and interviews. i'm eternally thankful for that. i think that is no doubt one of the most important/lucky things that has helped my business to grow to where it is today. i'm so thankful for that!

so... thanks so much to all of the nicies who've been featuring me in their lovely Etsy treasuries of late, especially when i haven't had much of a chance to be on etsy lately. a special shout out to those seen here below, who included me in treasuries that went to the front page on Etsy recently. many thanks to:


etsy admin
jealousy design
zion shore
Old Time Etsy


thanks and thanks again, nicies!

hope your day is filled with gratitude!
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  1. k.
    congratulations on the features and the followers! :)
    it's easy to see why you are on everyone's list ~ you are such a nicie yourself and your work is awesome!
    have a lovely week,

  2. nicie is as nicie does :) your success and the popularity of your fab blog are much deserved. congrats!

    i am a collector of cookbooks. i love to cook and read, so reading about cooking is doubly fun! off to read your latest collectors post...

  3. It's all that great karma coming right back at ya, Nicey!

    Much deserved praise for such a NICEY!

    Off to read those interviews!!!!!!!

  4. Aw K., thank you so much for mentioning my obscure little blog! (I should start writing in English as well!)
    Congratulations on 1400 followers!
    I agree with everyone above, how can anyone resist your sunny disposition and FAB items? I've been a fan of you & your work since the day I found your Etsy shop 3 years ago!

  5. thanks so much, sweeties!

    your kind cheers have me delighted. :)

  6. Tthank you so much for displaying my thank you note as you are sharing your graditude! So kind of you!

    Congratulations on all your successes--nicie things happen to nicie people!

  7. Wow that is some serious goodness happening:D congrats. I am sooo glad I came across your blog, as soon as I landed here I loved the feel and felt ver comfy:D looking forward to being here with you and my little ad spot for the next 2 months:D yayyyyy:D

  8.'re the sweetest.
    I hope one day we will sit and chat in a coffee shop and catch up...Thank you for including me in your're very thoughtful...always, and you deserve ALL the success you're receiving.
    HUGS and more...

  9. you nicies are the best!
    thanks lovelies!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!