Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10000 nicey hearts!

good golly miss molly!
it was with fun surprise that i noticed last week that a little making milestone had come my way on etsy.
i reached 10000 shop hearts in my rikrak shop! i remember, so fondly, that 1st etsy heart (i wrote about it here)

"my own tale was similar to many of yours... after a trepidatious (hmmm.. fake word?) beginning, i finally listed my first item on etsy, 3 months after joining.

gosh, was i nervous!
terrified was i!
and then, like a reassuring little cyberly cheer, someone, someone i didn't know at all, *hearted* my little shop! *swoon!*
fireworks exploded in my little handmaking heart!
and i was smitten!

still am... *xanadu!* the first person ever to heart my rikrak etsy shop was oh the cuteness!

my first heart: oh the cuteness


and here's my post about some of YOUR lovely 1st hearts. and now... a few moons later... many thanks to all of you, and to my 10000th heart was: contasbrasil! love that bag, nicey! wow!

10000th heart: contasBrasil

if you're anything like me,
you love a little milestone like that! :)
thanks, sweeties!
take a look at the beautiful goodies from both of these milestone-to-me shops! ... i was also thinking back to the very first shop
i hearted myself.
it was a shop i still absolutely adore: little quilts/ shelece

the first etsy shop that i hearted: shelece/little quilts

(ps: you can find your 1st heart (who hearted YOU) by searching 's heart-o-matic for your store hearts, then scrolling back to the last page!). and who find out who you 1st hearted on etsy by going to your fave shops (under favourites) and using the scroll back to the beginning button!)

so many thanks - to all 10000 of you nicies!

and though handmaking shops go thru busy times, quiet times, joyful times, hectic times, dry-spells, grumpy times, filled-to-the-brim times, and lean times, (don't we all know it!) those hearts sure are fun, aren't they!?

i'm off to heart some new shops, in honour!

i want to hear about your heart tales:

? what was the first etsy heart you received?
? what's your next heart milestone?

? what was the first shop YOU hearted?

happy hearts to you, nicies!


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  1. You know what I like about you, rikrak? You're always so appreciative. This post warms my little heart.

    My two first favourited items were ones that I later bought, and I love them both!

    This awesome reconstructed shirt: - which I wore to play Angela Chase from My So-Called Life for halloween, and this amazing vintage corduroy jacket:

  2. Congratultions, RR!

    You deserve every heart.
    Her'es to the next 10000!!!!!

  3. wow! you are LOVED! :)
    my simplejoyspaperie shop is at 2,894. guess my next milestone will be 3,000 hearts!

  4. congratulations!!
    they do mean a lot, those little hearts. Here's to many, many more!

  5. WOW thats quite a milestone!
    I do still remember my first heart but my shop is a young one and only 6 months old so I remember like it was yesterday. It was the delightful Lady Steel at 88Links who make beautiful jewelry.
    When I joined Etsy I looked for other knitters and first found yearofthegoat I thought she made gorgeous knitted things so that was my first heart.
    ...and for my milestone I will be doing a happy dance if I ever get of a first 1000.

  6. Congrats to you, dahling. That's a biggie - celebrate!!

    My first heart was from bannerbee, who I'm sure saw my first banner and cringed.

    The first item i hearted was this beauty from ellainaboutique. still on my want list.

    I just recently reached the 4000 heart mark, and I am so amazed and thankful. xoxo

  7. oh goodness!

    thanks so much for your warm words, lovelies!

    you're all the best!

    off to heart YOUR great work (if i haven't already, nicies!)

  8. That's so great! Congrats on such a fantastic milestone.

    The first person that hearted me no longer has a shop :( but here's the first shop I hearted!

    My most recent milestone was my 100th sale. That was such a great feeling. I think I actually teared up a little <3

  9. Congratulations on your 10000th heart!! That's quite a number. I myself have a mighty humble 41 (the first was my daughter), which I'm sure has something to do with my being included in a ekphrastic challenge. Thank you again for that!! I even have a shout out to your blog on my shop home page. The first shop I hearted was HazelandHunter. I can't get enough of etsy!! So many good finds there.

  10. WOW!

    I don't have an etsy shop but I can remember when you opened yours, RR!

    You're a real life superstory!

  11. woooow, congrats!!!
    -10000 glasses of champagne! :-)

  12. Wow - you are definitely an inspiration!

  13. Simply fabulous! Congrats to you!

  14. wholly freaking wow! 10,000 is a nice # for a well deserved shop, blogger and contributor! Congrats!

  15. theres's a lot of noughts in that number!

    congratulations, great work.
    I realised I hadn't hearted you, I've remedied that :)

  16. Congratulations! You do deserve them. And yes, they mean a lot. I am checking almost every day ;-)

  17. Congratulations on so many hearts! You are so deserving and inspiring!

  18. Wow! Congratulations on all the hearts! I have not checked my hearts in a while and I am almost to 1000! Geez, I will have to give something to the 1000th person or something! As always, I knew the moment I saw your shop that you had something special going on and it would bring you great success!

  19. thanks so much, sweeties!
    hugs all around!

    love reading your own hearttales, nicies!


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