Thursday, March 22, 2012

the handmade olympics {event 7}



update! april 17th, 2012
thanks so much to everyone who has entered!
what an amazing & talented bunch you are!

nominations are now CLOSED. 
and YAY you can go VOTE on the judges' SHORTLISTS here! 

VOTING ENDS friday, april 27th @ 11:59 pm EST!

thanks again,


please see the MAIN handmade olympics post for all of the fun-filled details & rules on the events!

now.. welcome to event 7: please leave comments here nominating:
your favourite BLOG with a handmaking focus!
one you love by another maker & one you've made yourself!

for this event think lovely blogs.
think handmaking nicies who share with us by blogging.
think creative blogs that inspire you every day!


thanks so much to our fabulous judge for this event,  the wonderful Dana Willard of the  popular DIY sewing, design, and photography blog--MADE.  Her designs have been featured in multiple sewing books, print magazines, and online creative sites.  Her first book, Fabrics A to Z, publishes in April and outlines everything you'll ever need to know about fabric. {p.s. AND... she's a 2011 GOLD medal winner in this event! woohoo!}

find out more about this nicey here!


remember, you can nominate yourself + another in EACH event! PLUS get bonus ballots for twittering, blogging, facebooking & more about the #handmadeolympics! yay!


the amazing PRIZES
the handmade olympics prize packs are just gosh-darn fantastical!
 this EVENT will award the following prizes!

prize pack includes $190 worth of handmade goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to manus made
a $50 gift certificate to the lovely smith
2 months of advertising {may & june} on the rikrak studio blog: value $60

+ an *i WON GOLD*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 

+ an artist/crafter feature on the rikrak studio blog!

prize pack includes $60 worth of handmade goodness:
2 months of advertising {may & june} on the rikrak studio blog : value $60

+ an *i WON SILVER*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 


prize pack includes one FREE month of may 2012 advertising on the rikrak studio blog!

+ an *i WON bronze*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 


PLUS, there will be ONE overall random nomination selected from all handmade olympics entries ( & extra ballots!) to WIN the FAN PRIZE PACK (a $50.00 shopping spree in the rikrak shop!)


now check out the other events 
+ nominate more fun folks!


happy handmaking, nicies!
** PLEASE NOTE: please make each nomination its own comment! thanks! **

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  1. I'm going to nominate my own blog ;)
    blog: the on-going saga of minouette
    by: minouette (me)
    why: well, I really do enjoy it and I think it's an interesting example of handmaking blog

  2. I'd like to nominate:
    blog: Aesthetic Outburst
    by: Abbey Hendrickson
    why: filled with art, craft, home decorating/renovating, lots of DIY ideas and is lovely and fresh and fun

  3. I would like to nominate my little crafty blog! :)
    My name is Dom and I am from Sydney, Australia.
    I am nominating my blog because it is dedicated to handmade goodness. Not only my own, i use it to spread the word of other handmade peeps too. :)

  4. I would also like to nominate
    Katie works really hard on her handmade projects and has some wonderful ideas.

  5. Dom let me know about the handmade Olympics, and her blog is full of handmade goodies, tutorials and more. I would like to nominate her awesome blog-

  6. I'd also like to nominate my own blog.
    by me- Katie Smith

    I post daily with lots of craft tutorials, art inspiration, photography, scrapbooking, and more.

  7. also, I tweeted about the #handmadeolympics. ;)

  8. I would like to nominate

  9. My very favorite blog from a mega-talented woman:

  10. I would like to nominate my favorite Handmaking Blog: How About Orange -

    Jessica Jones' site is filled with great resources and beautiful designs. It's my go-to blog each and every day!

  11. love reading all of your nominations, nicies. so many fabulous folks here! thanks for playing!

  12. i nominate my own blog, imagine gnats

    my blog is about my journey through handmade, sustainable living, encouraging others to try crafting, and sharing other great sites.

  13. i also nominate Casa Crafty

    Kelley's blog is a great resource for making the most of handmade, from activities with kids to upcycled sewing projects and DIYs.

  14. I'd like to nominate Oh, Fransson! She has terrific quilting tutorials and lovely patterns.

  15. I'll nominate my own blog too. :-)

    I have lots of video tutorials teaching sewing, embroidery, and quilting - and I design all my patterns especially for beginners, with links to videos teaching them all the skills they'll need to complete each project.

  16. Ok, I cannot resist, I'm nominating myself...blush:

    A fun, friendly neighourhood connecting crafty, creative moms filled with handmade goodness galore.

  17. I would like to nominate the super talented Rachel of Stitched in Color.

    Her tag line says it all:

    MAKE. handmade. do. GOOD

    Love it!

  18. So many wonderful blogs here, but I would like to nominate my own, naturally. :)

    I create mostly sewing and quilting projects, but I throw in a few tidbits as I discover them. I also post recipes and show other people's crafts I like.

  19. So many lovely crafty blogs to choose from!
    I would like to nominate myself:

    at Casa Crafty I try to be as handmade as possible, giving my children the example of love in doing it yourself. We make together, laugh, love and get a little messy!

  20. And I would like to nominate Rachael at imagine gnats. I love seeing her quilting and childrens clothes, as well as how much support she shares for a lot of us other crafty bloggers!
    Thank you

    kelleyetg at

  21. these are wonderful! love finding some new-to-me blogs, too!

  22. I nominate my favorite - Everything Etsy. I don't even have an Etsy shop and I love Kim's resourcefulness!!!!!!!!!


  23. I nominate Curly Birds...I love all of her kid inspired handmade things.

  24. I also nominate my own blog Buzzmills...
    My blog is about sewing and crafting. And, creating with kids. There is a little nature adventure and gardening thrown in there as well! Lots of times its quick little "winging it" projects that turn out pretty cool or cute.

  25. I'd like to nominate Oh My! Handmade Goodness, as they've been invaluable to me as a recent handmade small business owner!

  26. I nominate Oh Dear blog! There is the beautiful finds from the world of handmade, Etsy, tutorials and giveaways.

    Thank you

  27. I'd like to nominate SkooksPlayground - 'crafting out loud for the swingset crowd'

    Great tutorials, inspiring & creative ideas and fun to read

  28. I'm going to nominate Oh Dear blog! There you can always find inspirational board matched wery well, simple and interesting tutorials and DIY projects, giveaways .
    thank you

  29. I`d like to nominate this young blog with great handmade pics - beautiful and inspired

  30. I nominate Much Love, Illy -

    Ilene always has something engaging happening on her blog. She also features many handmakers.

    Thanks for hosting,

  31. I would like to nominate my own blog, A Life Sustained. It focus on "handmaking" in every sense of the word: making objects, food, and experiences with each other.

  32. I'd like to nominate my own blog, 52 crafts in 52 weeks. I spent a year trying a new craft every week for a year. Year 2 got stopped in its tracks by an international relocation and a pregnancy so it's focused more on nursery & baby crafts now.

  33. I'd also like to nominate Lu Summers' blog,

    I love her fabrics and her quilts and she's an all-round lovely person.

  34. I'd like to nominate my blog (of course!)
    It is primarily a sewing/quilting blog, and I try to keep it full of tutorials, free patterns and other fun things. Thanks!

  35. I'd also like to nominate papernstitch:
    because it is a great handmade and business resource!

  36. I'd like to nominate Talk2theTrees. Her blog is about art and handmade, but also about facing life and seeing the beauty around her. Inspirational!

  37. I'd like to nominate the Baltimore craft blog. This group blog includes tutorials, stories about local craft events, stories about what local crafters are working on and more.

  38. I would like to nominate my handmade focused blog, Buttonwood Cottage,

    I am nominating my blog because it is dedicated to handmade, happiness, and all things crochet. I try to provide tips and tricks on making your best, most meaningful hand crafts, being happy, and developing new crafty skills.

  39. I would like to nominate my blog focused on making and sharing Supermom Moments -- whether it be a fun project to do with your kids, great home decor idea or neighborhood gift -- we've got lots of ideas that encourage even people who don't think of themselves as crafty to go ahead and do something creative!

  40. i second that one above there! x

  41. I'd like to nominate the Trashion Team blog! It's filled will eco-friendly news, events & advise!

  42. I'd also like to nominate my re-maker blog I'm just getting into the swing of things and am trying to share some of my journey!

  43. I'd like to nominate

    Because I just started it up last week & have been working hard to develop it into a blog that focuses on sharing all kinds of fun things about felt, needle felt, handmade business. It's in it's beginning stages, but hopefully next year I'll be a contender!

  44. I'd also like to nominate Meylah's blog because it's always shares really good information that relates to handmade business owners.

  45. I nominate my favorite handmade BLOGGER - elsiecakes from A Beautiful Mess -

    Her blog always inspires me with great D.I.Y. projects and she many tutorials to make as well.

    Sally P.

  46. I'd love to nominate my own little craft blog: star graf design projects.

    It's full of all the fun handmade projects I create, work working, knitting, sewing. As well as a lot of messy kids craft ideas.

  47. I'd also nominate Jess from Running with scissors

    Her site is full of fun handmade projects.


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!