Thursday, March 22, 2012

the handmade olympics {event 3}



update! april 17th, 2012
thanks so much to everyone who has entered!
what an amazing & talented bunch you are!

nominations are now CLOSED. 
and YAY you can go VOTE on the judges' SHORTLISTS here! 

VOTING ENDS friday, april 27th @ 11:59 pm EST!

thanks again,


please see the MAIN handmade olympics post for all of the fun-filled details & rules on the events!

now.. welcome to event 3: please leave comments here nominating:
your favourite handmade eco-friendly item!
one you love by another maker & one you've made yourself!

for this event
think beautifully recycled, repurposed, sustainably-minded creations.
think organic or eco-forward.
think of an eco-friendly handmade item that you just love!


thanks so much to our fabulous judge for this event, kathreen ricketson of whipup fame. former eco craft and lifestyle columnist for Treehugger,  she's also the author of Whip Up Mini Quilts (Chronicle 2010) and Little Bits Quilting Bee (Chronicle 2011). most recently she has been writing, editing, designing and publishing a kids e-magazine: Action Pack.

find out more about this nicey here!  


remember, you can nominate yourself + another in EACH event! PLUS get bonus ballots for twittering, blogging, facebooking & more about the #handmadeolympics! yay!


the amazing PRIZES
the handmade olympics prize packs are just gosh-darn fantastical!
this EVENT will award the following prizes!

including $150 worth of handmade goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to jake + cleo
a $50 gift certificate to remaker
a $50 gift certificate to rikrak

+ an *i WON GOLD*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 

+ an artist/crafter feature on the rikrak studio blog!

with $60 worth of handmade goodness:
2 months of advertising {may & june} on the rikrak studio blog : value $60

+ an *i WON SILVER*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 


one FREE month of may 2012 advertising on the rikrak studio blog! yay!

+ an *i WON bronze*  handmade olympics badge to use on your site/blog/shop 

PLUS, there will be ONE overall random nomination selected from all handmade olympics entries ( & extra ballots!) to WIN the FAN PRIZE PACK (a $50.00 shopping spree in the rikrak shop!)


now check out the other events + nominate more fun folks!


happy handmaking, nicies!
** PLEASE NOTE: please make each nomination its own comment! thanks! **


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  1. I would like to nominate:
    item: medallion of growth. handpainted and drawn on leather with handfelted backing.
    by: Tanisalexis ( - not me
    why: because she's made a beautiful object with her hands, imagination and recycled materials (complete with recycled packing material for shipping).

  2. I nominate these upcycled vintage pencil chimes by Vanessa Boer -

    The design is eye-catching and a great reuse project.

    Thank you!

    avideater2202 at gmail dot com

  3. love reading all of your nominations, nicies. so many fabulous folks here! thanks for playing!

  4. i nominate visualingual's seed bombs

    i love that it's an innovative and practically packaging-free way to easily grow a lovely garden. plus their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly products is commendable.

  5. i also nominate my own pippa and percy rag dolls (imagine gnats)

    these dolls are made up of repurposed t-shirts, even including the dolls' hair.

  6. I nominate The Metro Bag by Mommy For Reals.

    The bag is made from organic Cloud 9 fabric, making it eco friendly and quite functional. Plus, the arrows are gorgeous!

  7. I would like nominate my friends who are fantastic rug hookers, they are 3 sisters who use recycled wool to create the most stunning hooked rugs putting a modern spin on old Island geometric they are always willing to help anyone with their rug projects. here is the blog post for their colorful Cavendish rug

    My entry for this category is the Four Acorn Hanger..I try to waste very little in my studio and save small scraps to make these darling little acorns that are the hooks to hang towels, pj's or whatever in style. The birds eye maple back is crafted from fallen trees from a Maple Syrup farm not to far away. That farm and woodlot has been carefully managed and loved since the middle of the 1800's by the same family. When trees fall naturally, they are milled and dried in a solar kiln to be used to make something useful, I love to get a call from rob that he has some wood he is willing to part with. I adore the fact that the soul of the tree will still give pleasure for generations.

  8. beautiful! and such wonderful stories, nicies!

  9. The wooden rainbow bowls at Bright Life Toys on Etsy are lovely. I love seeing the wooden grain on the outside, and the grain showing through the watercolored inside. So pretty - and such a nice, open-ended toy!

  10. oooh, I need to make up my mind what to nominate! :)

  11. I'd like to nominate these Thank You Cards, as they're printed on 100% recycled card from Neenah Paper, as well as 100% recycled Paper Bag envelopes!

    Plus, who doesn't like receiving a handwritten Thank You? :-)


  12. Hi!
    I would like nominate eco-friendly clothing - 100% handfelted tunic from super soft natural wool, silk and other decorative fibres.

    shared about 2012 handmade olympics:
    on my FB
    followed rikrak studio blog
    followed om twitter (baymut)

    thank you

  13. I am nominating my hand lettered vintage Save-the-Date Map Stickers. Each sticker is hand lettered and made from repurposed vintage atlas paper. Hooray for eco-friendly weddings and DIY brides!


  14. I nominate these Stainless Steel Soap dispensers by Postroad Vintage

    She uses an old jar to make them!

    Thank you,

  15. Next to impossible to choose just one from this bookbinding artist, I landed on this handmade journal to represent my nomination in the eco-friendly category
    Top-notch quality made with repurposed materials :)

  16. I would like to nominate my hand lettered Save the Date stickers! Individually hand calligraphed, practical and repurposed from mid century atlases. Very eco-friendly!

    Thank you rikrak!
    xo, Katy

    (this is my 2nd attempt at posting this so if it already posted please ignore. :)

  17. I would also like to nominate Poppy and Pearl Co.'s mason jar tumblers. I can't imagine my life without one.

    Hooray for the Handmade Olympics!
    xo, Katy

  18. Marcia Dresner03 April, 2012 00:19

    Wood -- the ultimate eco-frieldly material:

  19. i would like to nominate this totally ingenious and totally eco-friendly lip balm caddy by timberwoodswares -

    (plus he's one of the sweetest sellers on etsy!)

  20. i would like to nominate this super ingenious and super ecofriendly lip balm holder by the fantastic timberwoodswares!

    (plus he is one of the sweetest sellers on etsy!)

  21. and of course i cannot help but nominate the 100% organic wool apple from sweetpb -

    it's classic and retro and really ecofriendly!

  22. I'd like to nominate one of my nursery projects: birdboxes made from cardboard and vintage fabric scraps.

  23. I would like to nominate my Recycled Ruby Red Leather Baby Booties

  24. I would love to nominate Write With Moxie's eco friendly recycled pencils. They are beautiful quality and even come in 100% recycled packaging. Gorgeous!

  25. I'd like to nominate my new line of eco-friendly fabric flower accessories. The flowers are made from upcycled fabrics such as used clothing, sheets, etc.

    Here's a link to one of my favorites:

  26. I would like to nominate my Dad and Brother's Frame Art. Their background is in the chainsaw sculptor & arboriculture genre. They have only started this month their new project 'Naturally Unique' they take their raw material and allow the natural beauty of the wood to dictate it's form. The results are truly stunning and unique Artworks. All their creations are upcylced and one of a kind.

    They do not have a website or internet presence at present. However, I have showcased their new creations at our FingerTips events. The two frames on the left are examples of their work.

  27. I'd like to nominate my reusable fabric snack and sandwich bags:

    I started making them when I realized how many plastic bags we were going through with just one kid in school - these are a money saver as well as earth friendly. Plus they are lined with unbleached cotton muslin - toxin free, plastic and bpa free, food safe. And my son actually likes using them!

  28. I'd like to nominate my Sweater Owl, which is a plush pillow friend for babies, kids and adult. Sweater Owls are made from recycled wool and cotton sweaters, and are stuffed with a fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles.

    Also, I think these necklaces are fabulous, crafted from discarded dishes.

  29. I would like to nominate out organic cotton knit easter eggs- eco-friendly, ethically made and great non-chocolate alternative!

  30. Upcycled coffee bag apron
    Made by me, Jane of Maiden Jane
    It's unique and functional!

  31. I would like to nominate:

    Flower Brooch
    made by Cindy Dreifort, akaCinders
    why: they are beautiful and made from eco felt made from recycled soda bottles

  32. Although it's so hard to choose just one...
    I'd like to nominate the eco-chic chandelier by

  33. Also nominating TrashN2Tees tshirt jewelry line-
    Funky and fun accessories that are made using scrap materials from my clothing at I hope that by rockin' recycled threads we can encourage and inspire others to consume less and recycle more.

    Tshirt Hoop Earrings:

  34. I nominate this vintage button necklace:

    It's a fresh take on button jewelry and I love her designs!

  35. I would also like to nominate my own upcycled necklace:

  36. I'm nominating my eco-friendly shoe bags -

    A travel shoe bag made with unbleached Ossnaburg cotton, cotton twill ribbon, untreated wood beads and printed with a non-toxic water-based ink. For commuters and long distance travelers - it will let your shoes breath while keeping the gunk off other items in your bag. And made for larger feet like mine.

  37. I also nominate my friend June's shop. I am a user of her product and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Her craftsmanship is outstanding. And her product is uber-eco-friendly.

  38. Where would we be without bees? I would like to nominate my PMC recycled silver Bee Silhouette Pendant Necklace. Thanks!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!