Monday, March 26, 2012

family music night: a super fun DIY project to try

gramophone art print by PragyaK

we've got a fun new tradition at the rikrak family home!
thanks to my talented brother's great idea & great organizing. we're having bi-monthly family music nights.

it's superfun. super-encouraging & super-easy to DIY!
it's a little like a family talent show, on a regular basis.

now i was so lucky to grow up in a fabulously fun musical family (i know that's not always the way!) and whenever aunts & uncles came to visit from afar there would always be nights of singing and playing and a whole lot of family-sing-song fun!

but whether that's in YOUR past or not, i kinda think family music nights could be something fun for EVERY FAMILY! here's why: 

- it gives everyone in the family a chance to come together. and sing and play and SHINE! regardless of ability or what kind of music you listen to!

- AND it gives us all a deadline to WORK on fun new projects! (you know how having a deadline can help give us the *PUSH* we all need to learn/try/make something new!)

- it's a FABULOUS way to bring generations together! 

- AND need an incentive for your cute kiddies to get practicing their instrument of choice? setting a music night date works like a charm! 

- AND isn't it a great lesson for our kiddies to see us as the adults working on something new? see us practicing? see how we handle it? for certain!

- a wee bit nervous to perform on your own? it's a great way for folks to work together on fun duets, trios and more!

- let's be honest - music brings us together, nicies! enough said!

here's how to do it!: 

what you need: 
- a fun family, or fun friends (no actual musical talent needed - just a LOVE of music!) 

- before you even start, commit to having more than just ONE family music night! that way the pressure is off, you can try something else new the next time! try to commit for at least a few!

- a casual atmosphere - in the living room, around the kitchen table, snacks & treats to munch on.

important: set the date well in advance so everyone has time to work on what they'll play/sing/write/dance to!

how to:
-gather guests on the chosen evening or afternoon!

-be fun and casual

-everyone gets a chance (or two!) to do something musical and fun they've prepped! can't play or sing? well i bet you have a great SONG you can share: just push PLAY on the ipod & have everyone listen! ... at the end, everyone can play and sing together, improv style!

- have fun!

okay - that's it!

case in point: 
the first round, i'll admit - everyone was a wee bit nervous at the rikrak home (even though we're all family - of course everyone wants to do their best!) but it was SUPERFUN! there were great duets and fun jamming and a whole lot of sing-a-longings!

and  this time around, little rikrak has 3 acts he's been working on, including an adorable little song he wrote himself! AND it's wonderful to see mr.rikrak playing his lovely guitar more than he has in years!

love it!

yay to great new family traditions! (and superthanks to my brother for suggesting it!)

what's something fun YOUR family loves to do together? 
share a fun new tradition you're trying!

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  1. Love this idea. We do something similar - a Family & Friends SHOW (we're the MacDonald's, so it's the "MacDonald's SHOW!" a couple times a year. It's great. We have a Potluck dinner - the acts are always FUN and everyone rises to the occasion!!

    I like your idea to set a bunch of dates in advance!

    Have a great time!!! ;>

    1. that's superfun, leslie! i wanna live nearby so i can come to the macdonald's show! so fun!

  2. I would love to do this with my family but they are all mic-shy. Instead we have a "games night" where we play cards or whatever! It IS a lot of fun thanks for sharing! :)

    1. oh that sounds wonderful, christina! love that. bet you all have a fabulous time! thanks for sharing!


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