Friday, March 2, 2012

artists 101: lucky jackson

the fabulously fun embroidery work of lucky jackson


& beautiful.

indeed, mixed media artist lucky jackson's  work is all-things wonderful. her most recent adventure: 365 lucky days - one original piece of art every day, is the latest brainchild in this inspiring artist's illustrious portfolio.

sagely weaving embroidery, vintage fabrics, paints & media of all delicious kinds, fellow ontarioan lucky is lighting up the stitchy world with her delicate, touching, humourous artistry.  (check out this week's 365 theme *arrested development* - hurry! and her pdf patterns for sale now, too.)

a couple of years back i had the pleasure of meeting & interviewing lucky. what a nicey! & seeing her art up close & personal.. well it's just gosh-darn mesmerizing.

{so hop on over to feeling stitchy for a chance to win some lucky jackson goodies for yourself!} 

lucky jackson

what artists are inspiring you today, nicies?

have a great weekend!
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  1. Those ARE charming! I'm inspired by this Frank Hulsbomer art this week. (I'm guessing you love it too, RikRak?)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Whoops! The link -

  3. wow - i DO love those, moira! thanks - i don't know his work but thanks to you, now i can adore it!

    have a great weekend.


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