Friday, August 26, 2011

handmade sister cities {part 10} : budapest, hungary & new york city, new york

row one
vadjutka : budapest

row two
meilingerzita : budapest
Fibrillaria : budapest

row three
zoephobic : budapest
oktak : nyc
granatina : budapest

row four
AkosHorvath : budapest

row five
EnInied : budapest
foldi : budapest
reddoll : nyc


oh how i've always loved the idea of sister cities.
two great places, joined over sea & sky by the idea of common cultural & commercial ties.
this rikrak studio series explores 
2 official sister cities @ a time,
and some of the handmaking lovelies that they share!
i've done a bit of research to find actual sister cities, and love seeing what handmakers are up to there! be sure to visit the other handmade sister cities posts here.


handmade sister cities { part 10 }


budapest, hungary & new york city, usa

well ... one of my favourite folks in the world is visiting this week from new york city. so in honour of great friends, i thought we'd pay homage to that great destination: NYC and one of it's beautiful handmade sister cities, hungary's capital: budapest

gosh i've loved spending many-a-fun excursion in new york over the years - it is CERTAINLY one of my favourite cities i've ever been to: the fabulous architecture, the amazing artistic scene, the vibrant handmaking communities and the endless plethora of inspiring ideas on every city block!

i've not yet been to budapest, but goodness: when i hear friends talk of this beautiful city, i just can't wait for the day to explore it myself! i think these two cultural hotspots are well paired: both so alive with living history, great art, fabulous architecture & amazing artists.

so happy handmaking to budapest & nyc!

have you been to either/both of these handmade sister cities? 

tell us your favourite parts/neighbourhoods/delights/sights!
we'd love to hear!
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  1. This is a great idea for a board, I love it! Thank you so much!

  2. What a great combination, I'm honored to be included!!

  3. Such a great mix! My favorite place in NY is the Sheep's Meadow in Central Park. People watching at it's best!

    I've only been once but we hope to return for a Girls' Weekend in 2012!

  4. thanks so much zita & metal! a pleasure to have you both!

    and jenna - i love the sheep's meadow, too! so fun about your girls weekend!

  5. What an amazing collection of art you've curated~

    I adore Stephanie of Metalicious. Her designs rock and she's one of the sweetest people ever.

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful! Love your curation, K! Thanks so much :)

  7. So very beautiful! Thanks so much for including my drawing among these amazing picks. As a native New Yorker, I must admit just how lovely it is here! Although Eastern Europe certainly has a huge soft spot in my heart.

    And I have to agree with Dawanna -- Stephanie of Metalicious is seriously one of the sweetest people. ;)

  8. Love this sister cities idea - thanks so much Kristal!!

  9. My best friend just arrived on friday to New York.
    Me, I've spent few days in NY in 1999, and I'd like to go back so much! ... So, I'm realy very happy for this selecion!

  10. ah thanks dawanna. so glad to see all the love for that superstar metalicious.

    so happy to have you, oktak!

    and i love that virginia!

    thanks vadjutka! so in love with your beautiful new BRICK & mortar shop! wow!

    oh super, klara! so happy to have you!


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