Monday, August 29, 2011

what handmaking supplies can you not live without?

some of my favourite handmaking supplies :: 
pretty pins :: fabulously sharp scissors ::
glorious threads :: gorgeous vintage fabrics!


well i'm readying the tools. 
with little rikrak about to head back to school for the fall, it's back to full-tilt sewing here at the rikrak home!

i'm fondly reconnecting with my art & sewing supplies after a little hiatus ....

and i wonder... which are your personal favourites ?

sharp pencils? 
a beautiful blank canvas? 
gorgeous fabric?
your potters wheel?
that perfect paintbrush?

what handmaking supplies can 
you not live without?

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  1. At our home we can't live without finger paints and shiny finger paint paper! We stock up every time we're at the Dollar Stores!!!

  2. Oh, fabric, how I love fabric! Sewing just feels so great when the fabric is lovely.

  3. since i'm a sewer of all things fabric...I can't live without pretty fabric, thread, rotary cutter and needle. Let the imagination run wide from there!

  4. Scissors! They often get me in trouble, though. :)!/MandyCrandell

  5. oh these are so fun! i love seeing your faves!

    julie: little rikrak & i love those, too!

    and conceptionq : me too!

    pam : yes to the rotary cuttter!

    and mandy : i bet you make the loveliest things with those scissors!

    happy handmaking, cuties!

  6. I love wool felt and sharp scissors. I use a bunch of colorful embroidery thread...good thing it doesn't take up much space!

    I'm sure you'll be whipping up stockings like crazy this year!

    Have a great week!


  7. Yarn and felt fabric. And I can never resist a pretty button!

  8. pretty patterned paper, pens/pencils/markers, a sketchbook and beads!

  9. my tape runner for paper projects, the brand is literally called "Scrapbook Adhesives".

    And I really OUGHT to make better friends with my seam ripper. It is a love/hate relationship.

  10. Nothing is worse than a dull pair of scissors, so I can't live without my favorite sharp scissors.

    Keeping them sharp means I have to hide them so my hubby doesn't use them for his man projects and try to cut wood or something ridiculous with them!

  11. I absolutely cannot function without a little journal. I keep one in my purse, one in my studio, one in my car.... they are important for catching my many fleeting ideas.

  12. oh how I have missed craft in the holidays, can't wait to get back to it. hhmm my favs have to be buttons, felt and fabric - gorgeous!

  13. ah thanks, kim! yes - the stocking sewing has happily begun! love your can't-do-without choices!

    and alice: agreed.

    amanda : you do such lovely work with all of those!

    i fully agree, bargain! seam ripper = love/hate!

    kailey - i totally know what you mean - i hide mine all over the place, too! everyone thinks i'm crazy with my *special scissors* obsessions!

    oh sly: the wonderful things you must create in those books!

    and happy back to making, sweet! yay!

  14. A few of my favortite things are my red floral small thread sissors.
    Cant live without taking a fix of piled fabric, bunting and ribbons.
    And could never live without the sewing machine!! Kxx


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