Wednesday, August 31, 2011

breathing easy

the trick is to keep breathing by farouche


& breathing easy.

i know i take these things for granted until something stands between me and good, deep breathing: figuratively & literally.

i feel so thankful.
for the past year and a half i've been having trouble breathing.
i mean, gosh, it's hard enough to *breathe easy* in a metaphorical sense when lifes troubles get in the way, but when we struggle to breathe in a literal sense,that can be pretty tricky,too,  can't it?!

i'm so lucky.
a few months ago a medical specialist came across my path who was finally able to locate the problem: a mass growing in my trachea.

then a surgeon came into our lives that, through a series of operations over a period of time, is able to help me truly breathe better.

and that makes me breathe easier about almost everything in life!

i'm just home, recovering from my 2nd surgery and feeling so thankful for good, deep breaths.

and i'm thinking of all of you nicies:  facing challenges of all kinds in your daily lives, when things feel overwhelming, too challenging, too daunting or too dark.i'm wishing you all helping, healing hands & inspiring, reassuring thoughts to help you breathe well everyday, too.

 how do you breathe easier on a daily basis, when troubles cloud your lightness?

what cleanses your soul and helps you gain perspective when things just aren't right?

deep cleansing breaths to you all, nicies.
deep cleansing breaths.
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  1. I'm glad you're doing better, RR! That must be so hard!!! My saving grace is always Yoga. It's been my go-to relaxer for many years now. Whenever I feel life getting me down I head to my mat.

    Hope your recovery is swift! (Eat lots of popsicles!)

  2. thanks sweetie. i'm already feeling SO much better. so happy to hear of your great connection with yoga. so wonderful to hear how it calms your soul, nicey!

  3. Oh goodness, k. Glad to hear you're breathing easier now but sorry you had to go through this.

    When I'm having moments where I can't breathe deeply (metaphorically and physically) I head to the woods where it's quiet. I walk until I can't hear the problems buzzing my head. There is a moment when my body does in fact take a good deep breath and it's only then I know it's okay to return.

    Take care of you.

  4. thanks always for your kind love and & support, lisa!

    just reading your breathing easier story makes me relax! thank you! if we can't get to the woods - a trip to your beautiful blgo & beautiful photostream might do the same trick - such inspiring images you capture of your quiet woods.

  5. So glad to hear you're better. It must be very scary indeed not to able to breathe easy.
    Wishing you a speedy full recovery.

    Doing something physical like a walk -especially by the sea if I can get it- is my best calming trick.
    Otherwise, it's sewing.....Not only is it soothing and relaxing but the pride in your finished product is the added cherry on top.

  6. Good health to you, K. We need you and your breathing easy around here!!!!

    I swear by water therapy in times of need. A hot bath or even a one minute shower picks me up right away. Take care of yourself.

  7. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Just knowing you are feeling better makes me breathe easier.

    Yoga definitely helps me to breathe easier but also getting on the floor and playing with our dog is a sure bet. Tension, stress all melt away with that sweet face and her silly antics.

  8. thank you, dear nicies.

    i really really appreciate your kind & encouraging words. good breathing to you all!


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