Monday, August 15, 2011

photo essay: our ocean road trip

{ all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak 2011 } 

i've missed you so.

we're home from our beautfiul east coast getaway & i'm basking in the wonderfulness of renewal & restorative goodness.

so many fun highlights... among them:

* the sheer delight of playing on red sand beach after red sand beach all over pei!

* that brilliant salty ocean air.

* little rikrak's first big rock concert (u2 360 in crazy fun knee-deep mud! )

* wandering across a pod of 30+ seals, sunning themselves on an empty beach at sunset ... wow! 

* fabulous visits with dear friends. thank you, wonderfulones!

* hilarious roadtrip games in the car; & 

* the collection of handmade souvenir sketches little rikrak drew in the backseat all along the way!

gosh i feel lucky.
& gosh i love the ocean.

how about you? love the shoreline?

hope your time has been great since last we spoke cuties!
gearing up for lots more fun here on the blog. 

welcome back!

tell us what you've been up to!

see you wednesday!

{ all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak 2011 } 

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  1. Welcome back! We missed you, RR!! :>

    We've been working on our new backyard and have almost finished the deck. Glad to hear you had a great time.

  2. Yes

    We missed you !

    Welcome back :))

    I am working for my atelier design with crazy fabric stock :)

    Tired but happy :)

  3. thanks so much sweeties! missed you, too!

    moira : hope you're loving the new backyard - so fun!

    and thanks tenderblue!

    ika : big hugs sweetie! can't wait to see the new work!

  4. Wonderful photos!! It seemes like a great trip you had!
    I love getting out to the nature as well!

  5. K, lovely, your photos are absolutely gorgeous. You are such a talented woman! Love them. And so glad you're back! xo

  6. Oh K!
    Wonderful photographs!!! Looks like your family had a beautiful trip.

    We try to get to the "Coast" whenever we can. It helps being 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean!!!!

  7. thanks loves.

    me, too, alexandra.

    & can't wait to see you soon, ang!

    that's the lovelies, jenna. yay the ocean!

  8. Beautiful pictures! My dad is from Nova Scotia and we would LOVE to one day be able to take a trip with him.

  9. Welcome back! Looks like you had a wonderful time & I just love those photos.

  10. wow, looks like a beautiful trip! great photos too :)


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